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Kaeuoi represents Internet Users against exploitation. Kaeuoi Internet Community can be compared with a labour union, representing their members against unhealthy profiteering. The philosophy and relevant type of exploitation is significantly different though, because where labour unions' roots are the labour theory of capital, Kaeuoi's roots are intequity (capital of ideas), which some regard, in opposition to the labour theory of capital. Kaeuoi is a necessary progression in time, partly due to new digital technology and the new philosophy called Intequinism, partly about development methodology.

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    Started 01 November 2019
    about 1 month ago
    Development statusJust an Idea
    Org. StructureSemi-centralized
    Active fromNovember 2019
    Hardware walletNo
    Number of Team Members1
    Team fromSouth Africa
    Registered companySouth Africa


    Total tokens99900000000000
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    by @mdpienaar 0 followers

    Support Julian Assange for democratic self-determination in opposition to despotic democratic imperialism. Don't be a coward of Mammon. Lest we regret. via @YouTube

    This foreign action indicates the demand for @DividedParty (DiP). Democratic imperialist "Unity" is a fallacious paradigm, which formed out of monarchism. It must change into democratic self-determination for all. No central one government, can respect diversity. It's not human. https://t.co/5HZH1ecRb1

    Whales sometimes sacrifice themselves for humans, whilst stranding themselves on beaches. This looks more like a warning though. https://t.co/aJWFVd6tX7

    Lampreys are ancient bloodsucking "fish". via @YouTube

    Democratic Imperialism, with its centralised governance is destroying South Africa. Fund and vote @DividedParty for Democratic Self-Determination and decentralized governance. The Great Migration | Carte Blanche | M-Net via @YouTube

    Why are South African data prices so high? The cause is democratic imperialism with centralized governance. Choose democratic self-determination for decentralized governance. via @YouTube


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