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1011 days ago 01 Nov 2019
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Kaeuoi represents Internet Users against exploitation. Kaeuoi Internet Community can be compared with a labour union, representing their members against unhealthy profiteering. The philosophy and relevant type of exploitation is significantly different though, because where labour unions' roots are the labour theory of capital, Kaeuoi's roots are intequity (capital of ideas), which some regard, in opposition to the labour theory of capital. Kaeuoi is a necessary progression in time, partly due to new digital technology and the new philosophy called Intequinism, partly about development methodology.


Project details

Started 01 November 2019
over 2 years ago
Development statusJust an Idea
Org. StructureSemi-centralized
Active fromNovember 2019
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members1
Team fromSouth Africa
Registered companySouth Africa


Total tokens99900000000000
Available for Token Sale99900000000000
ICO Token Price0.18 USD


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1/3 EARN COMMISSION OF 3.75 MILLION USD Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) lists brand tokens, backed by 48% of brand values. Moyom (MYM) utility token is used to buy and sell brand tokens. As brand values change the values of brand tokens change as well.

1/4 IMPARTING OF IDEAS Imparting of ideas is a utilitarian human right in the new SA Constitution. It has its origin in idolatry and sacrificing of "gods and goddesses". I focused on it whilst researching intequity (capital of ideas).

1/3 SELF PROMOTION The nonsensical opposition against "self promotion" became an influential practice on social media, whilst paid advertising is not regarded as problematic at all.

1/2 Aandelepryse word tans "geback" deur abstrakte bates waarvan nie boek gehou word. Dit is waarom markkapitalisasie waardes van aandele baie groter is as netto boekwaardes van maatskappye. Dit is ook 'n rede hoekom aandelebeurse elke nou en dan "crash". #cryptocurrency

Planned tokenomics of The Dog (DOG): - Sell 5000 DOG, minimum 100'000 USD value. OTC offers welcome. 10'000 DOG, backed by 48% of The Dog brand value. - Liquidity pool on Pancakeswap, with 2'500 DOG = half of sale proceeds. - 2'500 DOG in treasury. #cryptofolk #memecoins https://t.co/3qX6Z2pulZ

Planned tokenomics of The Rose (ROSE): - Sell 5000 ROSE, minimum 100'000 USD value. OTC offers welcome. 10'000 ROSE, backed by 48% of The Rose brand value. - Liquidity pool on Pancakeswap, with 2'500 ROSE = half of sale proceeds. - 2'500 ROSE in treasury. #cryptofolk #memecoins https://t.co/noyO6EXqwf

Planned tokenomics of The Rock (ROCK): - Sell 5000 ROCK, minimum 100'000 USD value. OTC offers welcome. 10'000 ROCK, backed by 48% of The Rock brand value. - Liquidity pool on Pancakeswap, with 2'500 ROCK = half of sale proceeds. - 2'500 ROCK in treasury. #cryptofolk #memecoins https://t.co/rauzDzjvLE

All holders of Moyom (MYM) $MYMuti utility token of $IPPAEX, and anybody else: Please join the Telegram group at https://t.co/RVRf9qWI3v so that we can work together more easily on Telegram. #crypto #BNBChain #BSC

Africahead needs investors. 5% equity = 10'000 USD. 500 trillion Moyom (MYM) $MYMuti = 125 million USD value. #VentureCapital #cryptocurrency #BNBChain #BNBChainAfrica


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