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Syndicate Protocol

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Decentralized investing protocol and social network.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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1/ Today, we're excited to announce the launch of a suite of support resources for Syndicate's Chinese-speaking users. We've seen spectacular growth in the number of new investment clubs in recent weeks, extending to non-English speaking communities all around the world. https://t.co/pxdnIZdErj


August is the beginning of a new chapter for Syndicate.

This morning over 20,000+ investment clubs have now been created on Syndicate 🚀 And this is just the beginning—our next phase is coming. Join us. Start a club on Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon today: https://t.co/9Mma3mH2xhhttps://t.co/JybBDsu7Du


Early Saturday morning, we crossed over 10,000+ investment clubs created on Syndicate since launching 5 months ago. There are now over 12,000+ as of this morning 🚀 And we're just getting started. Start a club on Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon today: https://t.co/9Mma3mH2xhhttps://t.co/V3yh2jlJgf


Welcome to the thousands of new users of Syndicate. We’re excited you’ve joined us and our mission to radically democratize investing. If you have questions—like who can join your club—see our Guide at https://t.co/ahqm9KtpCb

Starting an investing DAO on Syndicate has never been easier, faster, or cheaper now that our contracts are on Ethereum and Polygon. Earlier this week, @decryptmedia shared this helpful article on how to launch a DAO featuring Syndicate and other tools. https://t.co/ZmLNldyzWC

Within the first 24 hours of yesterday's launch on @0xPolygon , over 1,000+ investment clubs were created on Polygon and 400+ were created on Ethereum Mainnet. Start yours today and co-invest with your community in startups, tokens, NFTs, and IRL assets: https://t.co/9Mma3mH2xhhttps://t.co/uMg1xFLBic


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