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5 000 000
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27 days ago20 Jun 2019
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43 days30 Aug 2019

Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform that will transform data into money (into datacoins). Governance will be coordinated by checks and balances, separation of powers, and shared security (decentralized federalism).

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      Project details

      AcceptsETH, BTC, USD
      Role of tokenUtility
      Token typeOwn wallet
      Hardware walletNo
      Number of Team Members18
      Team fromSan Francisco, CA, USA
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      MILESTONE: The Silicon Valley Blockchain Society has chosen STORE to present in 5 different locations around the world. Our first pitch is today in San Francisco.

      The core premise of @storecoin is that data can become an open and programmable cryptocurrency. These datacoins are the foundation for a truly open computing platform where developers, governments, miners, and end users can all get paid when data is *streamed* by third parties.

      Storecoin has been invited to attend a Messari AMA! Details coming soon

      Take your centralized data $ $   \(´・_・\)     (   )     く く and toss it in the trash  ( ´・_・`)   (\  )\     > > 🗑 It’s all about datacoins now #$ #$   \(´・_・\)     (   )     く く

      We're building our smart contract team now and world class talent is lining up behind the @storecoin project.

      🔥: Storecoin data and progress to be syndicated on Bloomberg Terminals and to over 500 crypto funds, OTC desks, and exchanges starting next month! $STORE

      STORE isn't an "altcoin". It'll secure and incentivize the future of open computing.

      Shared security is a governance issue. This is part of the *decentralized federalism* framework that we'll be sharing more about in governance peer review. See how shared security on Storecoin compares to Polkadot and Cosmos below (tl;dr STORE deploys a federalism model). https://t.co/9SBl9q5dkW


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