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Razor Network

4 400 000
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Start date
04 Feb 2021
End date
06 Feb 2021

Razor Network is truly decentralized oracle platform offering a high degree of decentralization and economic security.

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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$RAZOR farm is running on Polygon in collaboration with @_DFyn Current stats: 🔹 $RAZOR-ETH, TVL $74K, APR 160% 🔹 $RAZOR-DFYN, TVL $139K, APR 142% Check it out now 👇 https://t.co/RS0d3cuRXR

Community Update: August 21 Find out what's been happening behind the scenes, read entire development zeitgeist here ↯ https://t.co/Q7ntfpxJOz

It's time to put on your creative hats! 🐸🐸 $RAZOR is thrilled to announce the Sticker Making Contest. 🥳🥳 10,000 $RAZOR to be won. Check terms & conditions and submit below ↯ https://t.co/BsJwegMa7f

Community Update: July 21 July was a busy one! some of the major updates include the launch of RazorScan V2, CLI developed in GO, and new features added to our Oracle Smart Contacts. Let’s take a look ↯ https://t.co/Z2F2vnkEqL

#3 Important Update: ChainSwap Exploit ▶︎▷ We have migrated $RAZOR holders on BSC to Ethereum chain! Read all details👇 https://t.co/demZsDpp1p

1/2 #2 Important Update: ChainSwap Exploit @chain_swap has reimbursed us $48,475 USDC. We announce to buy-back $RAZOR from open market with the entire reimbursed amount; shortly after this announcement. The purchased $RAZOR tokens will be burnt in community’s interest.

1/2 → Important Update: ChainSwap Exploit Liquidity has been added back on Uniswap. It is safe to trade $RAZOR on Ethereum now. ChainSwap has frozen $RAZOR tokens on BSC as a precautionary measure.

#RazorscanV2 #Oracle The much-awaited Razorscan V2, our #Testnet Version 2 is now Live with ⚡️ Upgrade for Increased Query Speed ⚡️ Dark Mode ⚡️ Explore entire Oracle Data ⚡️ Enhanced UI for Network Stakers and Validators Visit https://t.co/84sYGSj28nhttps://t.co/hhEqFBcgLv

🔥 #CommunityUpdate 🔥 📣 Upcoming AMA with our Partner @KnitFinance on 24 June, 2 PM UTC with $100 (TRC20) reward pool for Top 10 Questions 🚀 Unifarm Cohort 12 - $RAZOR Pool filled within hours of launch https://t.co/CIYE4Z42xi

🔥 #CommunityUpdate 🔥 🚀 Unifarm Cohort 12 - $RAZOR Pool filled within 6 hours of launch 📣 AMA with @unifarm_ , Top 10 questions rewarded with $500 in $UFARM $NTVRK $STACK $RAZOR https://t.co/sHgSf5K92D

🖋 Unveiling Razor Network’s Roadmap! ⚡️ We are delighted to share what's in the bag next, with focus on bringing a Truly Decentralized #Oracle solution to the #DeFi space. 🔗 Visit - https://t.co/Mf7C5buQKAhttps://t.co/1X6xGghULT


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