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Polkadex is trading engine for web3 and Defi. A fully decentralized, peer-peer, orderbook based cryptocurrency exchange for the Defi ecosystem in Substrate.

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Website: t.co
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo



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πŸ’¬ "It's a game-changer compared to the systems you use today" πŸŽ₯ @jungleincxrp with an honest and simple review that makes it easy to understand the different ways Polkadex will change #DeFi for the better!

πŸ™ˆ ICYMI πŸ™ˆ πŸŽ₯ Here's the full AMA from last Wednesday when @gauthamastro and @vivekprasannan announced the September 29th Mainnet launch! 🍿 Watch for some insightful questions from the community and detailed answers & updates from Gautham & Vivek!

"THE DEX on Polkadot" πŸ‘€ Have you ever heard someone say Polkadex is a "huge play" in an awesome South African accent? Because that's what @cryptomanran said today on the @crypto_banter show when he announced the $PDEX giveaway! See for yourself πŸ‘‡

🀯 We're 9 days away from the Polkadex Mainnet launch! 🀯 Wanna get all the details on what this step means for the Polkadex project as a whole and what you can expect on September 29th? Check out our latest Medium article πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/SEBxJnn9Sn

We teamed up with @crypto_banter , one of our community's favourite YouTube crypto channels, to run a $PDEX giveaway for you πŸ’Έβ˜ΊοΈ Let the series of giveaways by Polkadex begin, so watch this space! https://t.co/iGSwR1rAlN

This week our devs: ⚫️ Presented the 1st milestone review for the @substrate_io Builders Program ⚫️ Accommodated Ethereum's London hard fork into PDEX Migration backend ⚫️ Deployed #PolkaIDO internally ⚫️ Set detailed milestones for Orderbook completion. Work is in full swing🏌️

πŸ—“ There is finally a date for the public launch of the Polkadex blockchain! β›“SEPTEMBER 29TH 🀝 MAINNET LAUNCHβ›“ πŸ’ͺ This is the most important milestone yet for the Polkadex project team & community as all Polkadex products will be built & gradually released onto this network! https://t.co/OsnB2esXfp

Anyone else excited for the AMA and Mainnet launch date announcement? Cause we're pretty excited T-11 hours!πŸš€ https://t.co/PvuXSpL1FV

⏳ 24 hours left til our next AMA! @vivekprasannan & @gauthamastro will: πŸ’¬ Answer your questions πŸ“’ Give updates on Testnet, Mainnet, & more aaand πŸ—“ Announce the exact date of the #Polkadex Mainnet release! You don't want to miss it! Register nowπŸ‘‡ https://t.co/PvuXSpL1FV

πŸ“° @cryptonewsz_ on #PolkaIDO: "What you might not know is that the team behind Polkadex is also building a powerful IDO platform that will allow users to securely access early-stage Polkadot projects through a decentralized investment panel." For moreπŸ‘‡ https://t.co/Z0WFhitQRq

πŸ“° The Polkadex Mainnet launch is one of 'Two Mainnet Launches in September All Set to Accelerate DeFi Adoption' according to @cryptodailyuk Check out the article to see why this month's Mainnet launch of #Polkadex is 'an important milestone' for #DeFi πŸ™Œ https://t.co/isS2Ji8gRT


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