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Oiler Protocol provides instruments for trading/betting on changes in blockchain protocol parameters. Blockchain Native Derivatives Hedging Gas and Network Shocks.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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gm lovers of non-fungible 👀 some 🌶 update -> ⚡️ Nafta has migrated to @nafta_market 🤩 there you will find 👉 recent product updates, casual twitter spaces and early-adopter perks. look out for some fresh NFT tooling 🛠

A brief digest of @NFT_NYC 2022 and answer to the question “is NFT dead?”🧵 Let’s wrap up the biggest NFT meetup of the year with 1.500 speakers 15’000 attendees, lots of art exhibits, networking events & parties. https://t.co/TzNMj0zYMN


gm everyone it is the last day of @NFT_NYC 🔥 so many fantastic projects and collaboration opportunities ⚡️ But the work doesn't stop here - look out for some 💣 updates coming up. and don't forget to #FlashItOnNafta https://t.co/savSNdRuyK


1/n Introducing @decentraland on #Nafta!🔥 Unlock an incredible amount of utility that wasn't available for the landowners and decentraland's users before. 🧵 👇

Ladies and Gents!🚨 We are proud to present one of the Oiler’s greatest accomplishments -> 📄 The Pitch Lake Paper which describes the results of our long term research of delivering oracleless basefee options! 👉https://t.co/GGyoSR6Xoq

Excitement levels arise with the upcoming weekend and Fossil website coming live! 🔥 Have a look at the latest docs and updates 🔛 https://t.co/gGWRMCAttB ⚡️ Build with Fossil on #StarkNet 🤩 We’re here to change the game🛠

Despite everything that’s going on we continue to #buidl ! And today we are excited to announce that you can flash your @0xPolygon NFTs on Nafta!🤩 Rent & Lend your #NFTs at lower #gas on https://t.co/0aLXevGazu⚡️ p.s. stay tuned as some 🔥 integrations are coming up! 👀

Great retrospective on #Devconnect @ Amsterdam by @vander_meiden Anyone up for a sneak peek on Pitchlake by @tkstanczak ? 👀 👉

Introducing Fossil 🦴 latest addition to Oiler's suite of products! Fossil gives access to all the parameters up to GenesisBlock and lets you read large amounts of data cheaply by leveraging #L2 @StarkWareLtd How can you make the impossible Fossible?👉https://t.co/0g4vSsqrag


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