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NAOS Finance

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NAOS Finance facilitates DeFi lenders and SME borrowers to allow both parties to interact in a permission-less manner on the blockchain.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo




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In a bear market with macroeconomic uncertainties, real world assets might be the most overlooked asset type in #DeFi . It's time to consider adding real world assets in your portfolio: https://t.co/VVz5LPxGcJ

'RWA can be understood as a bridge between #DeFi and #TradFi which could leverage non-highly-volatile assets. RWA’s protocols would help BNB to attract traditional investors, both retail and – above all – institutional.' - NAOS is honored to be part of it. #RWA #BUSD #lending https://t.co/sacCMFMlo7

Perfectly explained why protocols like #NAOS is needed for the decentralized economy. Retail investors/DAOs are all seeking for long-term fixed income streams/treasury management in the post bear market, not to mention the additional NAOS token bonus. https://t.co/ATKjR2gdfA

“High APYs, high returns — I don’t think they’re sustainable in the long run,” Zhao says. “New projects can give out these incentives to attract users, but only for a short time.” NAOS is different, since the yield is paid in stable coin and backed by income-generating business https://t.co/w9vaksISdx

The proportion should be increased to reduce the high risk caused by cryptocurrency’s drastic fluctuations https://t.co/zcWRpBZCC5

DeFi lending backed by real-world-assets counters the volatility of cryptocurrency, it’s immune to drastic crypto market fluctuations - it’s time to re-think the underlying asset types during the bear market! https://t.co/0LWN9Jme8A

In case you missed the panel, here is the recording for your reference. Interesting discussion indeed:) https://t.co/2KJbBRMU9p

Stake your #BUSD in #NAOS ALPHA pool, 7% fixed yield in #BUSD is reassured! Check step-by-step guidance here: https://t.co/39xeTtEnTO

DeFi is not dead, it just needs to re-consider how to expand its market by engaging the majority of the world population and how to provide sustainable yield in a healthy way, rather than playing #ponzi games. #NAOS #realworldassets #RWA #DeFi https://t.co/IXLXOW5Vcw

Lending your stable coins to real-world business is a smarter way to win sustainable yield as the pure DeFi liquidity might be dried up during the bear market, but in real world, the demand is still there and increasing. https://t.co/bi65dUksET


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