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Mythical Games is a next-generation game technology studio at the intersection of blockchain and games.


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Blockchain-enabled games are focused on creating value for the players, mainly through #NFTs. With NFTs, in-platform purchases become transferable assets. Players can use their investments across games, in exchange for other digital assets or even currency.

Mythical Games is committed to equity and opportunity in the gaming space. To date, we’ve raised $75M in efforts to create a product that gives creators ownership over their gaming experience.

#ICYMI: 🏈 @PlayNFLRivals 🏈 announced the teams included in the FIRST #RarityLeague drop! What excites you the most about owning these digital collectibles?

Q: What’s the Marketplace? A: The Marketplace unlocks the value of a player’s time and money, or the rarity of their collection, by making it possible for buyers and sellers to transact confidently in a secure and trusted environment. Learn more:

Mythical Co-Founder @rudykoch shared how Mythical Games is taking steps to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming. Watch the full discussion ➡️

Mythical Co-Founder @rudykoch shared how Mythical Games is taking steps to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming. Watch the full discussion ➡️

“We really think the focus should be on ownership of these [assets] and being able to trade and sell these characters because there’s natural value in those.” - Mythical Games CEO @johnwastaken

Mythical Games believes in giving true ownership of digital assets to the players, bringing them closer to the games they love. With #RarityLeague dropping soon, what excites you about owning NFTs inspired by your favorite teams👇

“The way we talk about it now is ‘play-and-own’ because, again, we’re really more focused on the assets.” - Mythical Games CEO @johnwastken on shifting the focus to "play-and-own" from "play-to-earn." Read more 👇

Q: What is the Mythical Platform? A: A full-service system for developers and publishers to build or integrate blockchain-based play-to-earn economies into their games. Click below to see how we power the next generation of players, games, & studios.

Do you have our notifications turned on? You won't want to miss our tweets on Tuesdays, they're going to be quite informational....

Our CEO @johnwastaken shares his views on the connection between fashion and gaming, and the potential for greater crossover between the two. Watch the full podcast ➡️

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for 🪄Epic Spell Wars🪄! What are some things you hope to see in the game? Specific spells? Characters? Let us know ⬇️


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