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13 Apr 2021
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13 Apr 2021

Mina is the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
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One month until #zk Connect β€” Destination London | September 13th πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ The community is serving up deep learning with @bkase_ and more! Calling all builders curious about #ZK to get together, meet the teams, and gain hands-on experience with SnarkyJS ‡️

Hey Devs! #zk Connect is coming to a city near you. 🌍 Mina is connecting IRL with developers to get them started building privacy-preserving apps using #ZeroKnowledge. Join upcoming events in NYC, Mexico City, London, and 7 more! 🧡

Identity, on-chain trading, DeFi, Escrow, CBDCs, and more β€” Whether for privacy or scalability, #ZeroKnowledge has the power to introduce and improve use cases for Web3 dApps. In this video, 7 crypto experts dive into how ZK will revolutionize Web3.πŸ‘‡

What is Web3? Where is it headed? What’s still missing? Listen to what 7 leading crypto experts and Mina community members had to say in this video. Part 2 coming soon

Kimchi, Mina Protocol's proof system developed by ecosystem partner @o1_labs , is a key function of the protocol that allows it to stay succinct. πŸͺΆ Learn more about how it and how it's built here!

July’s #MinaEcosystem update is here, with exciting progress on projects by ecosystem partners, as well as great tooling and resources built by community members. Here’s a sneak peak at what the ecosystem has been working on πŸ”¨ [A thread 1/10]

The easiest way to start building ZK smart contracts is by joining a Mina meetup for hands-on learning & connecting. Don't miss tomorrow's 1st community-led workshop in London The mission is to meet developers all around the world β€” See where it'll be next 🧡

The first community-led zkApp workshop is happening on July 30th in London! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ The @MinaFoundation & @o1_labs teams have held 5 events around the world so far, & now the community is joining to teach even more devs. See where the community & tech teams will be next 🧡 [1/4]


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