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Updates for the first half of September are here! Highlights: πŸ‘€ Introduced MEV support for @0xPolygon . πŸ“œ Contracts are being deployed and tested on Arbitrum. We are still working out what a potential migration would look like. https://t.co/mDearPE7Dt

Here are the latest updates for the second half of August! Highlights: βš–οΈ Governance proposal to reduce the staking undelegation time was put into effect. πŸ€“ Created mev-bor, a fork of bor with bundle handling similar to mev-geth. https://t.co/isdcGkJ42s

βš–οΈ Our governance proposal is up for vote! What: Staking undelegation time for MPond/POND is 30 days. Proposal is to reduce it to 7 days. Starts: Now Ends: In 72 hrs Who: MPond holders who've set up voting or staking can vote. https://t.co/vdzrNlgSMmhttps://t.co/Ys7QJaWF4y

Here are the latest updates for the first half of August! Highlights: πŸ•ΈοΈ Launched OpenWeaver for @0xPolygon with FlowMint 2.0 πŸŒ‰ Bridge UI is live. πŸ€“ Spam prevention RPC calls have been integrated into the Polygon gateway. https://t.co/Bckir7UkaZ

And a bunch of new proposals have been put up for discussions. Please feel free to hop in either on the discourse forum or discord channel. Direct links below πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/5ww4jIHbs6

1) ATTN MPond holders: Discussions on the first few governance proposals would be going live soon and would subsequently be pushed for an on-chain vote. In order to vote, you're required to set up your voting account prior to the proposal being pushed on-chain.

We've come a long way. Yet, our journey has just begun. Thank you for the continuous support! ❀️ https://t.co/EGKXlpRfyt

Here are the latest updates for the second half of July! Highlights: ⛓️ Gateway for propagating Polygon blocks has been added. βœ… New attestation and witness types have been added to prepare the Ethereum relay for the London hard fork upgrade. https://t.co/MYKkk53b9n

Excited to announce that OpenWeaver is now available for @0xPolygon with FlowMint 2.0! πŸ•ΈοΈ With OpenWeaver, block producers and full nodes in the Polygon network can send and receive large blocks at latencies close to physical limits. https://t.co/PSv55t0aMz

Our updates for the first half of July are here! Highlights: ⚑️ Onboarded @CloqueFinance , a physically-settled futures protocol for blockspace/hashpower. 🧐 The bridge contract was updated to take MPond locked in the staking contract into account. https://t.co/pYLpSl9qkz


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