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KeeperDAO is a protocol that economically incentivizes pooled participation in โ€˜keeperโ€™ strategies which manage liquidations and rebalances on applications spanning margin trading, lending and exchange. This allows participants to earn passive income in a game-theory-optimal fashion whilst ensuring decentralized finance applications remain liquid and orderly.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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The Core Team has just sent 50,000 ROOK to the DAO Treasury ๐Ÿ‘€ This transaction instantly increased the Net Asset Value of the DAO Treasury by ~9.5%. What will you do with 50,000 more ROOK, Governors? TX Hash: https://t.co/UkFaXhw6xq

KeeperDAO Governance is now live! Everybody now has the chance to help steer, grow, sustain, and manage KeeperDAO. Join us by drafting or commenting on KIPs and sharing your ideas in the Discord and our Governance Forum. The future is in your hands! https://t.co/AJD09V7fmIhttps://t.co/kfOWcymM6l

Today is our second KeeperDAO Community Call, featuring a conversation on KeeperDAO Governance and building a better DAO with @0x81B and @0x_lapras Join us on Discord Stages in just over 45 minutes (8PM UTC)! https://t.co/jBtjIJDXSS

Future Sophons & DeFi Natives, We invite you to read our Governance Beigepaper, which is a great primer before tomorrow's KDCC on Governance. https://t.co/dNpmiz0Iul This lays the foundations for KeeperDAO Improvement Proposals, which will commence next week! โ™œโ™œโ™œ https://t.co/rJCGeXDNkA

We are sunsetting the legacy Liquidity Pool UI ( https://t.co/kMnkyfoipn) which interacts with the old LP pools. The interface will be deprecated next week on August 15. Afterwards, you will still be able to interact with the contract directly to move funds.

The Labs team is excited to unveil a completely redesigned homepage to be more aligned with the modern ethos of KeeperDAO! Discover DeFi Utopia: https://t.co/EDjTVNot8I

. @Quantstamp has recently completed its audit of the latest version of our Liquidity Pool (JITU) and Hiding Vault contracts. We are pleased with the results: zero high or medium risk issues were found. Click below to read their report: https://t.co/AvfqVo0ADK

Unable to catch our first KeeperDAO Community Call this morning? Don't worry, you can watch it here:

Today is our first KeeperDAO Community Call, featuring a conversation on MEV, botting, and reorgs with JZ and @NathanWorsley_ Join us on Discord Stages in a little over 60 minutes (4PM UTC)! https://t.co/Vcr1Y1Y0Ee

We have hired 8 very talented individuals to join KD Labs and KD Core! Read more about the expansion of the team here: https://t.co/C4Rey9GbGX โ™œโ™œโ™œ

Today, we formally announce a monumental expansion of the KeeperDAO ecosystem: KeeperDAO Labs. Within this ever-evolving virtual tinker-station, we are building the future of KeeperDAO and DeFi. Read more: https://t.co/l1zsCQdn46 โ™œโ™œโ™œ

Introducing KeeperDAO Governance: A novel & minimalistic DAO governance model that aims to dissolve friction and increase efficiency https://t.co/MeXRNZYXbp


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