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A trading card game powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, where your ownership of each card is guaranteed by a smart contract. A new paradigm of gaming: immutable, transparent, and infinitely extensible. Fast, turn-based and multiplayer-driven gaming. Competitive weekly tournaments with massive prizes. Win, and have your victory recorded on the blockchain for eternity.


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All six gods once again stand in the Grand Arena, a gleaming edifice that exists in both the mortal world and the divine realm of the gods. Six champions stand before them, their trials complete, ready for whatever awaits… Read the newest lore release: https://t.co/x5hnBwuZqJhttps://t.co/awvqZaZcjG

Whether you’re a card collector, a pro player, or a market mogul – this is your one-stop shop to help you uncover the Divine Order items that best suit you. Read through the Divine Order Buyers Guide now: https://t.co/HIRG54TOUxhttps://t.co/Lt5sl7Ec0O

Orfeo, Champion of Deception, watches from the shadows as the hydra ambles closer to the dead deer Orfeo has, with some difficulty, laid in its path. Read the next installation in the lore now! 👀 https://t.co/PP1yzXsF98https://t.co/tMXvoM7GaO

Only those favored by the gods can truly count themselves blessed! The new blessed keyword gives players new and interesting ways to interact with the Sanctum. ✨ https://t.co/ozwaV1VPfb

Excited to try your luck with the next expansion? The third Divine Order preview playday is incoming, running from September 15th 6pm to September 16th 6pm PDT. See you in the arena, mortals!

Valka, Champion of War, steels herself to enter the Cave of Lethenon alone. Oddi, her traveling companion and herald, has come this far with her, but here she must leave him behind… Read the next lore chapter: Valka’s Trial. ⚔️ https://t.co/qMawuCjBpKhttps://t.co/16TFPb9jmx

Don't eat the mouldy cheese, we said. You'll regret it, we said. Some rats just don't listen. All six promo rat cards will be discoverable in Divine Order packs when the new expansion set arrives. 💀🐭 : https://t.co/50qvqUqzbNhttps://t.co/VtbI0aCuzi

We're marching along the road towards Divine Order, and we're building out the systems to support distribution of the set. Here's a glimpse of what's being worked on, what's coming, and some musings on the Mythic card that we'd love your feedback on. 🔱: https://t.co/iwQKPgn0WJhttps://t.co/6PRkZnf15o

The Divine Trio event has come to an end! Thank you all for participating. We will be announcing the winners on Twitter on September 13, 2021 PDT. Keep your eyes peeled for the results! https://t.co/RpGXexyV3O

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