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Gelato is a tool for developers to automate smart contract execution on Ethereum.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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ICYMI: @mwamedacen did a live workshop on how to build a limit order app with @paraswap and Gelato at @ETHGlobal #ETHOnline hackathon earlier this week. β–Ί Watch a replay of the workshop:

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with @parcelHQ , the treasury management for DAOs on Ethereum, to automate recurring payouts for DAOs and their contributors. Learn more ↓ https://t.co/8qhZrow9XO

Dear community, We have looked into your complaints about how the Dolphin pool was filled during yesterday's sale. Below we posted our open letter to you about this issue. We are sad that so many honest individuals were not able to participate. https://t.co/8l087EfuOa

πŸ“’πŸ“’ NEW GEL SALE START TIMES πŸ“’πŸ“’ 2 hours later than initially planned for both pools. Whale Pool new start time: 8pm CEST πŸ‹ Dolphin Pool new start time: 10pm CEST 🐬 Sorry for the delay! 🍦β™₯️

We are aware of the issue and are working hard to resolve it. The ONLY way to participate in the $GEL token sale is via Sorbet Finance. There is NO sale via Telegram or any other platform. https://t.co/qGR3EVMejW

Hi Gelato fam! We will communicate the new launching time for the Whale Pool. Meantime, we're working hard on getting things working smoothly πŸ’ͺ

"Every system that can be powered by smart contracts will be powered by the smart contracts." - Hilmar Maximilian Orth ( @hilmarxo ), Co-founder and Legendary Member of Gelato Network https://t.co/X1aE7x9mF7

Wanna know more about Gelato and Gelato DAO? Come join us for our community call with @hilmarxo and @gitpusha , along with special guests! Tune in at 5 pm CEST - 1 hour before the $GEL token sale starts. β–Ί https://t.co/WOntsSYWfK

Did you know that we're planning to use an automated strategy for $GEL liquidity? Check this out ↓ https://t.co/N2FIGb5ms7 #SundayRead

What's it like working with Gelato and how's @SpookySwap utilizing Gelato automation? @EerieEight , the founder of SpookySwap gives the scoop on his experience with Gelato and what he hopes to see in the future🍦✨ Read the interview ↓ https://t.co/ESLIugiggf


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