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04 Apr 2021
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05 Apr 2021

Findora is designed to be the trusted global financial computer, the ideal hub for decentralized financial apps.

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Thanks for having us @DystopiaLabs ! We are VERY excited to be part of the zkp-Privacy summit, and for all those who haven't registered for your free ticket, make sure you do or the FOMO will be real! https://t.co/z4CqUUALKC

We are! 👋 Hit us up if you want to find out more about our open zero-knowledge blockchain that enables users to transact whilst preserving privacy! https://t.co/1cq1OBfnvj

BIG progress for privacy preserving crypto payments! Congrats to both @Gemini & $ZEC, and we look forward to see what's coming next for privacy in the space! https://t.co/BRQuMW4VN2

If you are a discord user you can join our community and keep up to date with all the latest news and views from us! https://t.co/2Bn1wAnUoy

For updates and discussion about our project don't forget to join the convo in our telegram chat! 👇 https://t.co/ZWoWEZX7Tt

Forget 51% attacks. Findora’s decentralized financial infrastructure is secured by a validator network comprised of economically incentivized stakeholders and organizations. https://t.co/upqPq9LUEa

Findora is a transparent public blockchain that provides enterprises and everyday users with verifiable confidentiality. Check out our event on Sept 17 at 5pm PDT to learn how zero-knowledge proofs can be used to bridge public and private blockchains! https://t.co/WgEA5yIzE9

📺 We're going live in five minutes!! Tune in to for an introduction to cryptography, blockchains, and zero-knowledge proofs for finance!! Thank you @blockcentercom for organizing!! Register Here👇 https://t.co/l4j4RQPRn4


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