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Create social metastrategies with batch asset purchasing, yield farming, liquidity mining, tolerance band rebalancing, restructuring, flash swaps, collatoralization, and arbtritrage


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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Over 4,000 users whitelisted for Enso early access. 400 users added today from batch 1 🥳 To get into batch 2 fill out form below… or comment below

We heard you want Enso to be deployed on all EVM chains and to combine any contract calls together? 🙉 We are brewing up a real storm for V2... A new primitive of composability will be never seen before.. no need for boring adapters any contract🤯

Phase 1 completed: Liquidity migration staking closed. Phase 2 engaged: We will be releasing our V1 interface next week.

Ensuring Safety 1. Extension of liquidity migration and rewards 2. Public testnet 3. Enso mainnet 4. Bug bounties 5. Public contract repo 6. Public audit report

Who wants the vampire attack rewards for Enso token formula? 😮 Got those deposits in? TVL + NFTs are the key...

Liquidity Migration V2 1. withdrawals enabled 2. gas optimization 3. claiming after migration 4. new victims 5. proof of burn?


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