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Depositing money in the bank ≠ putting it under your mattress. You're lending money to the bank, and you're counting on either it or the FDIC to pay you back. The problem? Most Americans don't usually think about depositing money in those terms.

Last month, during our first Eco Explore Event, CEO @andy_bromberg unpacked our Smart Money Promise. We're recapping some of his thoughts below👇

Whats our #1 goal? Maximizing the wealth of the Eco Community + and giving members control back over their money. Unlike banks, we believe in—and are committed to—winning together. We don't make money unless you do. How? By reimagining the whole financial system.

"Many of you likely discovered Eco through our benefits, like high APY + cash back, but those incredible features aren't the point of Eco. They're the result of how we're rethinking financial services from the ground up." - @andy_bromberg

Why'd we create Eco? "B/c the existing financial system doesn't serve people. It's an old system stacked on top of itself, and it's way too complicated." For more, check out the full interview w/ @andy_bromberg & @notgwera on the @FinTechInsiders !

Last week we hosted our very first Eco Explore event! If you couldn't make it, don't worry...we'll post some of the highlights over the next week! If you could make it, we want to know what you're most excited about! Let us know in the comments 👀

"Full alignment with the customer." That's what makes Eco different than so many other fintech/crypto products. We win ONLY when you win. Curious about how we do it? Head over to our blog 👀 https://t.co/GacMaB9CWu

Our third speaker for Eco Explore I is none other than @BrianBrooksUS , one of the top minds at the intersection of banking, crypto technology & regulation. It's almost time... last call to reserve your spot here → https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP

Meet our 3 speakers for today's big event: Eco Explore (https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP)! We’re super excited about the insight they’ll share at the event. Be sure to register by 12:00 EST— you don't want to miss this! First up, we have @andy_bromberg , our CEO

At Eco, we like to say we’re “blowing people’s minds one step at a time.” From APY higher than any “high yield savings” to 5% cashback at places like Amazon, all our features fit into our larger, never-ending product vision. https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP

Only 4 days left until our first Eco Explore event — sign up now at https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP! In addition to our amazing guest speakers, we’re excited to unveil more about our “Smart Money” promise! Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll cover…

We’re a week away from our first Eco Explore Event & there’s still time to reserve your spot! Sign up here: https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP One of the topics we’ll cover during the event is Eco’s Smart Money strategy and how it benefits our community. Keep reading for a sneak peek! 👇

Last week we announced Eco Explore I— the first in a series of virtual events bringing together the worldwide Eco community! Sign up here: https://t.co/q8WSF9WPVP To kick off the first event, we’ve got some amazing speakers on the docket. Here’s a sneak peek at 2 of them...

Many people don't realize the REAL cost of their current banking relationships. At Eco, we explain those costs—fees + lost purchasing power—AND we offer a real solution. Our "Smart Money" model offers better rates, no fees, and user-centric tech that makes Eco the easy choice!


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