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One simple balance that lets you spend, send, save and make money at the same time


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Are you ready to redefine consumer finance through Web3? We are too. If you want to help us on this mission, vote for this SXSW 2023 panel. 🙏🏻

During Explore II, @packyM explained his "entropy theory" and why, given the right tools, an open system will always beat a closed system. Open systems will win.

Money is the #1 cause of stress in America. Since between 75-90% of all medical visits are stress-related, we need to seriously rethink our psychological relationship with money. Here are 5 ways to help you think better about money.

Have you ever wondered why the first piece of information you see on a topic influences your future decisions? This is especially important when it comes to your finances. Here’s how to recognize and combat the anchoring effect.

Do you ever feel rushed to make a purchasing decision? If so, you might have experienced the @darkpatterns known as scarcity. Learn more about scarcity and how to combat it on our blog.

Interest rates are up—but not your APY. Stop renting your money.

“If people just put away what’s left at the end of the month, that’s a recipe for failure.” — Richard Thaler Make your money work for you.

Cognitive biases hold you back from maximizing your financial future. Learn how to identify and overcome them in this short video.

The anchoring effect has real-world implications for financial decision-making. Learn more about this cognitive bias, and how to make better decisions when it comes to your money, in the first article featured on the new Eco blog.

We just found the money you should be earning. It’s waiting for you.

During Explore III, @jackbutcher offered a master class in visualizing value. #EcoExplore

Your grandparents knew their bank teller by name. Get to know your Unbanker at Eco.

“Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” — Erich Fromm Share your favorite quote on money for a chance to receive—and maybe then give—some Eco Points.

You shouldn’t need a dictionary to navigate your financial app.

Interest rates that banks earn keep rising. But the average rate on a savings account right now? 0.06% Expect more for your money. #KYEP

We’ve been nominated to We3’s Top Web3 Companies investing in gender diversity and we're HIRING women in web3! Check out our profile at

Free, free, free. Not fee, fee, fee. Over 50% of checking account revenue comes from overdraft fees. Who’s really winning with your money?

Time is money. Eco gives you both. #KYEP


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