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dTrade is a decentralized exchange for derivative products built on Edgeware, a Polkadot Smart Contract Chain. The exchange is designed to function as a public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Modular, extensible smart contracts enable continuous upgrades and additions to the protocol. These contracts are open source, developer friendly, and built to leverage the performance and security of Substrate.

Website: dtrade.org
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typePolkadot
Hardware walletNo


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The dTrade Ambassador Program is live! Apply now to be the first to test the product, get early access to events and more! https://t.co/LixqvRubSb

We are pleased to announce the beginning of an exciting partnership with @hummingbot_io . The integration will allow traders to create and run automated high-frequency, arbitrage, and market making strategies on dTrade's DEX. https://t.co/VeoYyXMtv9

We're excited to start our integration with @chainlink ! Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracles will provide traders with access to highly available, tamper-resistant, and decentralized price feeds with sub-second updates.https://t.co/KRTLh7LBdA

Here's our presentation and mobile app demo at #PolkadotDecoded


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