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1 000 000 000
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1 000 000 000

Bitfinex is the world's leading digital asset trading platform.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo




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BTC miners have different production costs, but all have come under pressure in downward markets 🐻 Research shows that as miners earn less on average, they are more likely to sell their $BTC 👋 Are you HODLing or Selling? 🐟 https://t.co/KG9N9o3rQMhttps://t.co/UOCeJNO25f


Since the start of the year, network mining difficulty of $BTC has been rising and is breaking new all-time highs. While difficulty is rising, rewards are dropping... Read more about what else affects mining costs and how it affects the daily BTC price: https://t.co/KG9N9o3rQMhttps://t.co/c64XqvY4x4


Relatively lower $BTC prices is causing a decline in miners’ profitability… ⛏ Mining costs catching up with Bitcoin’s market price 💰Block rewards down to 6.25 BTC per block 🔌 Mining devices still expensive What else affects the cost of production? https://t.co/KG9N9o3rQMhttps://t.co/76D3qwMBqw


The best advice from the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex? “If you are planning to invest in this industry: be careful, learn, study, and then never forget the roots.” @paoloardoino See what else he shared about #Bitcoin, the only thing that has never been hacked! https://t.co/WLstOhXz13


⏰ In just a few hours, our GXT Telegram Takeover and Airdrop Quiz will begin! ⭐️ 40,000 $GXT in rewards 🏆 1 lucky winner will win 4000 $GXT! Jewels coming your way! It could be you, don’t miss out: https://t.co/7uZCfnuCgU #GXTAirdropOnBFX #AirdropOnBFX https://t.co/2BOCI4Z9Sx


Did you know? 🤔 Economists have a term for when prices rise too high for people to keep spending: “demand destruction”. Is current inflation hot enough to eliminate demand? 👀 Find out what the experts think in Bitfinex Alpha on Bitfinex Pulse: https://t.co/FvjuqfPqwKhttps://t.co/uyYl7hEENV


Who's the best trader in your family?

What is the Bitfinex mission? “The mission of Bitfinex is trying to support bitcoin, facilitate its development, explore additional developments.” See what else @paoloardoino has to share about Bitfinex and its role in the development of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network ⚡️ https://t.co/N7wwHnWc8U


What is Santiment? A cryptocurrency data feed providing intelligence tools on market movements, on-chain data and social sentiment. Now available for FREE directly from the Bitfinex website! Try it now: https://t.co/BZypklN3KRhttps://t.co/CYmv4hhofo


In 2012, Bitfinex was founded, our mission was to drive the financial revolution first set out by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Today, Bitfinex continues to build products that aim to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone and bring financial freedom to all! https://t.co/y7ELwJqLXa


What are the benefits of verifying your Bitfinex account to Basic Plus? 💎 A chance at winning a share of 40,000 $GXT this Friday! ⚡️ Verification only takes seconds Earn your share of $GXT, start by verifying! https://t.co/teziMDByQ0 #GXTAirdropOnBFX #AirdropOnBFX https://t.co/meiVsGtRmi


Did you know? 💡 You can earn $GXT while learning about its diamond and jewellery blockchain platform - right here on the Bitfinex Telegram channel! 💎 Competition starts this Friday at 14:00 UTC, we’ll see you there! 👀 #GXTAirdropOnBFX #AirdropOnBFX https://t.co/amy40OrFHm


Unlocking access to tools for gaining unmatched market intelligence demonstrates our commitment to bringing transparency, education and insight. https://t.co/soFIQ8XVuI

You have $10M, 💰 Which new token would you invest in?


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