Axelar provides a decentralized network that connects dApp builders with blockchain ecosystems, applications and users for frictionless cross-chain communication. Axelar consists of a protocol suite, tools, and APIs, designed to break down the barriers to cross-chain communication.


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We’re ready to unveil who’s really been powering the cross-chain future of Web3 👀 Drum roll please 🥁 Introducing the Axelar Robot! 🦾

With secure cross-chain communication, developers choose the best build environment — and still bring in liquidity and users from any ecosystem. Like: use cross-chain airdrops to market your project’s token to users on any chain. 🤯 Learn how:

The future is cross-chain. No more maintaining multiple private-key identities; no more risky bridges with bad UX. Here’s what that looks like with Axelar & @auroraisnear on @NEARProtocol . 🧵

With Axelar, developers build cross-chain dApps that call any function on any chain. That opens up a new world of possibility in NFT exchange and in deFi, cross-chain. Join Axelar engineers for a live coding session covering the basics. #axelarcode

⚡️It’s the first night of @ETH_Toronto and @sergey_nog is breaking down the core concepts of building cross-chain on the conference main stage 🦾. We’ll be here in Toronto the next few days for the hackathon and futurist conference. Stop by and meet the team👋!

On a high level, there are two models of cross-chain architecture: 🔌 Peer-to-peer architecture. 🛰️ “Homebase-and-satellite” architecture. Each has different implications for developers, and different possibilities.

🦿Kicking off another week of big announcements! Axelar is proud to partner with @mintdao_io to power cross-chain NFT minting and bridging for their platform. To make it official we're launching our very own cross-chain NFT collection there. Stay tuned. 👀

Can your bridge take NFTs cross-chain? General Message Passing can. Watch Axelar engineers build a cross-chain NFT exchange from end-to-end, and ask questions. #axelarcode

Axelar is in Toronto this week for @ETH_Toronto and @Futurist_conf ! Curious about building cross-chain? There are plenty of opportunities to connect with the team and learn! Read 👇 to find out how:


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