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Alkemi is an institution grade liquidity network providing turnkey ‘DeFi’ market access tailored to the ‘CeFi’ execution layer. Alkemi Network’s liquidity pools are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-20 asset-compatible with a core market focus on BTC, ETH, and stablecoins. We solve the capital, control, and connectivity problem currently preventing CeFi from entering DeFi. Our core offering, Alkemi Earn (live on Mainnet), is a permissioned liquidity pool where trusted-counterparties can borrow/lend programmatically.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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The Alkemi Network Airdrop results have been published. A total of $100k worth of $ALK tokens (@ pre-TGE $0.38) will be distributed to the qualifying wallets. Congratulations to all the winners and participants! 🎉 The full #airdrop list is available at: https://t.co/AElQIV6kPt

Great to see Alkemi Network DAO Token listed on @CoinMarketCap 🙌 Find it here: https://t.co/9oRkJn0CIx 2021. The year of Institutional DeFi and arguably, the year of the DAO! #AlkemiNetwork #DeFi #CeFi2DeFi $ETH #Ethereum

1/3 We're pleased to announce the Alkemi Network TGE is complete 🎉 The ALK token address is 0x6c16119b20fa52600230f074b349da3cb861a7e3 Always verify the address before transacting: https://t.co/AOzE6EdQX4

Did you see the Alkemi Network review from @CryptonautsShow ? 🤩 Amazing deep dive by Nathan Leung 💪 Great to see such a detailed explanation on how we are differentiated from the existing #DeFi solutions on #Ethereum 👀 🌉 Bridging #CeFi to #DeFi 🌉

"Alkemi is a sophisticated liquidity network created with institutional and retail investors in mind to enable them to access and earn on their #Ethereum-based digital assets." Thanks for the mention @newsbtc !! 💪 https://t.co/c3UTBVaYgk #AlkemiNetwork #CeFi2DeFi #DeFi $ETH

Last month our Head of Ecosystem Growth @erdogan released a paper on $ALK Tokenomics. As we're nearing #TGE, it's time to recap! Learn how #AlkemiNetwork's native utility token will govern the protocol with incentives for lenders & borrowers. https://t.co/JnR1zsSq99 #CeFi2DeFi

📉 $ETH balances on exchanges continue to fall whilst prices and transaction activity for #DeFi & #NFTs accelerate 📈➡️➡️ Retail & institution-driven demand (👀 @Visa ) and confidence in the #Ethereum network is building 🪐💪 https://t.co/MQaPI3Q6iC

Although #DeFi hacks are common in the space, they create a strong initiative for communities to band together & fight for common good. "Once the flaws in the contract can be fixed, the protocol is stronger and can move forward." -- @benalkemi https://t.co/WQmPF8dZM5 @TipRanks

"Combining the experience of #CeFi and #DeFi veterans at the helm, the #AlkemiNetwork has done a great job." Another day, another feature! Thanks to @Coinpedianews for a mention on their news site! 🔥 https://t.co/9Of0OB887w #CeFi2DeFi

Total Digital Asset market cap just hit $2tln+ for the first time since April earlier this year.. 🪐 Stablecoin volumes ⤴ ; now $110bn+ w/ $USDC almost 25% of total! (vs 14% in Jan 2021 and 7% Jan 2020) And #AlkemiNetwork AUP 📈 now $33M+ 2021, the year of #ETH & #DeFi 🌉 https://t.co/ST86hzwBZu


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