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HYGH will change advertising in the same way that Airbnb changed vacation accommodation.As a peer-to-peer advertising network and content management system, HYGH connects owners of any digital display (Digital Display, Smart TV or Tablet) with brands. Brands of any size are now able to book and measure campaigns in real time. HYGH will revolutionise the digital out of home advertising category by creating true engagement between brands and consumers. Advertisers will be able to engage using the full transformative potential of digitisation and mobility, while consumers will be able to communicate their desires and grow their own personal brands utilising the very same ubiquitous channels. HYGH will act as a catalyst for the democratisation of the advertising industry, which is estimated to have a value in excess of $600bn in 2022. While disruptive and innovative, HYGH’s operating model ensures market traction by distributing market-leading percentages of advertising spend to inventory holders.
The application of its technical framework alleviates market challenges faced by existing stakeholders in the advertising value chain, in addition to growing revenue and profit potential for all by increasing the number of display units.

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Project details

Started 07 January 2019
4 months ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJanuary 2019
AcceptsETH, BTC
Sold on presaleWill start 7.01.2019 - 7.06.2019
Role of tokenAdvertising
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Team fromSwitzerland
Registered companySwitzerland


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale600000000
ICO Token Price0.03 USD


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Research demonstrates that when people see digital out of home advertising they are more likely to retain the messaging, seek out the product and tell their friends. Check out our blog post for more insights into this growing sector https://t.co/HSwSZDMcq4 #DOOH #OOH #Advertising https://t.co/4pSzCjUspM

Berlins Molecule Man trägt jetzt Rettungsweste https://t.co/NZTxYcXUKw Guerilla campaigns can provide powerful messaging about important social issues. Love to see this with a corresponding digital screen campaign

Digital of out home advertising is experiencing exponential growth. HYGH is proud to join the sector at a critical point as emerging technological including AI, 5G, and big data intersect to bring meaningful value to screen providers and customers. https://t.co/9dC4OOWUcX

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising has many benefits to advertisers seeking to drive traffic to a digital website, promote new offerings, or kick-start a conversation across channels and on social media https://t.co/gX47ohNg9ohttps://t.co/JvbcJ0V9rG

Teenage girl kills herself 'after Instagram poll' in Malaysia https://t.co/6f3fLuc9sg a brutal example of the lack of a mental health support system and the abuse of social media

HYGH lowers the barrier of entry to digital out of home advertising with our easy to use platform. We empower everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of budget, resource or company size. What products would you like to see advertised via HYGH? #DOOH #SME #digitaladvertising https://t.co/lKS5SOC3Ia


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