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End goal
40 000 000
Start date
01 Mar 2019
End date
30 Apr 2019

HighBank aims to create a one-stop platform providing a holistic blockchain experience to any developer, crypto trader and marketing agency via community wide decentralized decision making methodology. The most important components of HighBank eco system are: ICO listing Platform, ICO Launch and Crowdfunding Platform, Decentralized Crypto Exchange, and Online & Offline HighBank Community.

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    Source code: github.com

    Project details

    Started 01 March 2019
    12 months ago
    Development statusOn-going development
    Org. StructureCentralized
    Active fromMarch 2019
    AcceptsETH, BTC, LTC
    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyBritish Virgin Islands


    Total tokens100000000
    Available for Token Sale40000000
    ICO Token Price1 HIGH = 1 USD


    by @HighBank19 0 followers

    Good news πŸ₯³πŸ€©πŸ€© #High Airdrop, General Bounty, Special Bounty & Seeding Bounty reward landed to your #wallet ! Thank your for your #support , and do not forget to stay tuned >> new programs and #ANN are coming up! | Check all spreadsheets on our website | https://t.co/tRgHkajSRb

    The eco system for your success. #HighBank

    #HighBank ICO is ended, thank you dear community, friends & investors! This was a great journey, and only the beginning of whats coming next! https://t.co/9uwWBEMCrO The #Announcement is available on our website, too.

    With an aim to provide in and out crypto solution to all the crypto enthusiast, #HighBank allows you to 1 - register ICOs for review, 2 - consult our experts, 3 - use dashboard to manage & #market your brand, 4 - launch a token 5 - enjoy the perks of a #decentralized exchange! https://t.co/YOhElAS0YZ

    Once an investor visits #HighBank one-stop crypto crowdfunding website, his goal is clearβ€Šβ€”β€Šhe wants to invest in a crypto token. And now he can choose yours, too! Learn how: https://t.co/Kdo5oE83OJ

    ..Even centralized exchanges can team up with us in order to enhance the security of their private keys and ultimately, the wallets. πŸ‘ŒΒ That’s a wise option! Learn what we choose and why: https://t.co/XqmAjuRXOf

    ❌❌❌ ATTENTION!!! ❌❌❌ SCAM Profile is sharing information which is not true! Please, help us to report them as a scam who use fake profile pretending is us, our dear #HighBank!! All official announcements can be found here, pinned - please, always check! https://t.co/Zm5uzc7IP7


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