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Important: Private sale only; "We're not doing a crowd sale."

End goal
4 000 000

Helis is creating products for the next generation of businesses to make using blockchain easier and practical.

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      Project details

      Conditions Whitelist , KYC
      Role of tokenUtility
      Token typeERC20
      Hardware walletNo
      Additional LinksAbout


      Total tokens300000000
      Available for Token Sale40%



      by @HelisNetwork 0 followers

      We've been working hard the past few weeks and are excited to share with you all two things. 1. Our new website with our updated vision. 2. Early sign-up access to our new product - Lend & Earn! Read more about it below: https://t.co/XIhFPHB2kM

      🚨Attention Panda Network🚨 We're announcing the launch of the Original Panda (OP) Community Program! Learn more about it here: https://t.co/xrzGuJNp4X

      Major Announcement🔥🔥🔥 We've officially announced the close of our seed round! You can read more about it on Medium at the link below: https://t.co/ddD5ytok5m

      We're releasing more information about Helis through a series of articles that will break down the project around our vision and thoughts. Hope you'll read and enjoy them! https://t.co/AoCHmPkGtB

      Excited to share with you all what we're getting up to with Helis! TLDR: - Make things companies want - Build infrastructure that enhances UX - Onboard enterprises onto blockchain https://t.co/RpQe1oJLRl

      Hello Helis. We've got a new direction and brand. Things are about to heat up rapidly! Learn more about what we're getting up to below 👇 https://t.co/noUtjRikmU

      1/ Say goodbye to Protocol Weekly and say hello to DeFi Weekly! Get curated updates about what's going on in the DeFi space, on-chain statistics and updates directly from teams. 2018 was about Protocols. 2019 is about using those protocols to build real products people love. https://t.co/Y1g7lWHGmW

      Huge shoutout to @loopringorg for the launch of their new protocol which uses ZKSNARKs for scaling and provides a much more superior UX! "Combined with on-chain DeFi applications and layer 2 lockups, there’s a very strong setup for ETH becoming"... https://t.co/vxyhayWr7N


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