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Innovasis Hotels

Soft cap 5,000,000 USD, KYC needed to be approved for buying ICO

End goal
27 720 000
Sales started
139 days ago30 Sep 2018
Sales ends in
days02 Oct 2018

Innovasis Hotels are building a global network of hotels in the world’s most beautiful and exciting destinations that will deliver joyful, life-long memories to our Digital Nomad “Millennials” guests. Decentralized from electricity and water sources, completely different from “Bricks and Mortar” hospitality options, each hotel is an oasis of positive energy, relaxation, entertainment, productivity, and innovative change. This project is designed to incorporate a brand new kind of hospitality experience and real estate investment opportunity. Our guests are entrepreneurs and freelancers, who want to work, stay and play with their Millennial peers. Overall, the Innovasis Hotels brand represents a Lifestyle combining the spirit of innovation with a breath-taking oasis.

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Project details

Started 30 September 2018
5 months ago
Development statusOn-going development
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromSeptember 2018
Sold on presale1 HCI = 0.08 USD
Role of tokenUtility
TagsReal Estate (10)
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  • Token typeUtility
    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyYes


    Total tokens350000000
    Available for Token Sale28000000
    ICO Token Price1 HCI = 0.17 USD


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