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Harmony Protocol aims to scale blockchain to 10M transactions/second and 100-millisecond latency. Harmony will bring 1,000x speed and capacity to the next generation of the decentralized economy, enabling marketplaces for 10B people and 100B devices.

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open consensus in mandarin! packed crowd to hear about radical fairness vs "are you feeling lucky" at our event near tsinghua university. https://t.co/saT7GCUmT0

practicing my korean now! 구글/애플/아마존 출신 팀이 만듭니다. see many of you at our event at 4/15 monday 6-9pm. icon lounge, 3f, west wing, signature tower 100 cheonggyecheon-ro, seoul. https://t.co/zMVR7UWUDx

"Saudi Arabia is the single largest funding source for US startups, funneling at least $15 billion since mid-2016. As @karaswisher said, "If you remove the Saudis from the worldwide network, everything collapses." By comparison, China has invested $11 billion since 2000. https://t.co/iiooiCCBQD

harmony team's back to asia! see you at our events in beijing, hong kong and seoul. the first gathering is “区块链的未来” (硅谷团队 北京社区活动) 4月11日 星期四 18:00-21:00. 北京市海淀区中关村创业大街10号楼. https://t.co/TCWombHswh

excited to give a guest lecture on thur at carnegie mellon university's graduate course "emerging technology: blockchain". let's talk about sharding and zero-knowledge proofs on harmony! we'll also deep dive into the use cases of data sharing. stay tuned for the audio recording. https://t.co/shdHN2d8Z3


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