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Harmony Protocol aims to scale blockchain to 10M transactions/second and 100-millisecond latency. Harmony will bring 1,000x speed and capacity to the next generation of the decentralized economy, enabling marketplaces for 10B people and 100B devices.

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leaked memo on 2018 & 219 strategies from the top crypto firm multicoin. "Unsophisticated retail investors are not entirely washed out of this market, yet... many new smart contract platforms come to market and compete for the limited dApps/users" https://t.co/dTsi0K2b74https://t.co/3XhSadoDyz

saigon is becoming the epicenter of the next south korea/silicon valley. enormous but competing investment from us/cn/kr/jp/ru, fiber optics cross country. but most of all, open policy for foreign workers. i could see the same hunger and opportunities that defined the new china. https://t.co/pR1v9riNYq

go-jek, traveloka and hara - the (future) unicorns of jakarta! energized by dialogues on the deep culture roots but the same values of fairness. reminded me of the dalio’s prinicple of “be radically open-minded”. https://t.co/363Tjb7kCz

https://t.co/e9w3Fcc7sB ready! - Open source on github/harmony-one - Launching Harmony Operator program - Official mentor at Binance Fair - Speaking events at Jakarta, HCMC, HK on 1/23 - 2/7 - Whitepaper on state sharding & P2P networking Our talk at https://t.co/B2LWCpDB0h!

traveling to singapore / indonesia / vietnam next week for harmony community and staying in hongkong until chinese new year. anyone or your friends would like to meet for chats on startups / tech / crypto or just good food?

the first country i visited in south america was venezuela. my graduation trip was to argentina. it hurts to see inflation rate at 1.3 million percent! Venezuela 1,299,724% South Sudan 117% Congo 41% Argentina 40% Libya 32% Angola 30% Sudan 26% Turkey 24% https://t.co/SQVocjXhb5

ever-stronger political divides everywhere, but everyone's simply seeking trust, participation and radical changes. against pervasive corruption and outside institutional faith. https://t.co/DMkLNtY8Wa

Stanford Blockchain Conference on 1/30-2/1! one of the best technical blockchain conferences - and free. harmony team will be there. states of art on privacy, scalability, snark, verification, pos. https://t.co/WB8nuHegTj (see https://t.co/4HhPpm4l9A).

2019 will likely be the year a Valley-based blockchain project focused on the long-standing goal of “getting crypto in the hands of everyone in the world” comes out. “universal blockchain income” https://t.co/rydwTDE10G

Focus on crypto-native opportunities — The most interesting products will address the global collapse in trust. These “crypto-native” products will only be possible using new technology and will not compete with established products. https://t.co/yPNQYqZh5o

“a year that went from the height of mania to something much more interesting... the best crypto content of the year - the most interesting, influential & inflammatory threads and essays.” from the top curator Nathaniel Whittemore @nlw https://t.co/VjtUD6wIpK

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” Optimism from Whittemore’s market narratives, Coinbase’s Future of Money, Visions of Ether. Our journey is energized by many fundamental impacts decentralization already make. https://t.co/zH7nYd5cww


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