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Start date
01 Feb 2019
End date
19 Jan 2020

Our team of professionals has seriously approached the development of our token. Our primary goal is to bring blockchain technology to every home and to every user making the using of this technology as daily as our daily life. In addition to all this, the ecology of our planet is very important for us, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle of people living on our planet and we take care of it by developing eco-mining technology.

The mining of this coin allows to generate GZM tokens with low power renewable energy. leaving most of the green energy to use for the network. Developed application for a smart contract to give an opportunity to mine these tokens using renewable energy sources, various gadgets. Everything will be done for environmentally friendly and safe mining, as well as for the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle of the people living on our planet. We encourage everyone who cares about the purity and ecology of our planet.


Project details

Started 01 February 2019
over 3 years ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromFebruary 2019
AcceptsETH BTC
Role of tokenPayment
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Registered companyRussia


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale350000000
ICO Token Price1 GZM = 0.05 USD


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