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DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.


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Our frens at @QiDaoProtocol have created a Snapshot Proposal to list $GHST for borrowing / minting $MAI! HOW TO VOTE: Ensure you have $QI within the next 4 hours (snapshot block #19 ,302,391). Voting opens about 15 hrs from now Let's go #GotchiGang! https://t.co/cvbTDehb9E

🎉#HAUNT2 PORTAL RAFFLE IS COMPLETE🎉 👻3000 portals up for grabs 🙌1858 unique participants 🙀One GIGACHAAD entering almost 4K tickets! Despite the odds, many frens brought home their first #GotchiGang with just a few humble🎫🎫🎫 NEXT STOP: Wearables Raffle Sept. 24-27! https://t.co/wU4OQSB5fk


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