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Great Deal Coin (GDS)

End goal
125 000 000
Start date
15 May 2022
End date
15 Aug 2022

GDS Ecosystem
GDS is the most secure hybrid blockchain based ecosystem in the world, bridging the gap between retail market and crypto currencies. A platform that enables crypto-based retail payments in the real world while also authorizing crypto transactions in the Metaverse.
GDS is a peer-to-peer payment protocol that uses advanced billing models to support peer-to-peer transactions. The vision is to bring the convenience of virtual payment cards on the blockchain for general public.
GDS Coin is a virtual payment gateway that enables users to change their fiat into cryptocurrencies and use it to purchase goods and services while retrieving benefits of trading and price appreciation.


Project details

Started 15 May 2022
9 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo


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