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Great British Pound Token

End goal
25 000 000
Sales started
63 days ago15 Dec 2018
Sales ends in
26 days15 Mar 2019

'GBPT' is an online store that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). All our customers will be able to purchase any available product on the store using GBPT, BTC and ETH
You will be able to buy unlimited Electronics with full warranty using CryptoCurrency. You don't need to worry about your Credit/Debit card information anymore when shopping online, moreover forget about waiting weeks/months to receive your purchases.

Our goal for creating this Token was to offer a more accessible, smooth and secure service to buyers using USD/EUR in various countries to make purchases online. This includes many popular tech products including Mobile phones, Laptops, TVs, Accessories as well as Bitcoin Mining Hardwares etc., to other countries. This method of purchasing our Electronic Online Store avoids the strict limitation put out by banks and also unsecure payment methods including card information for Visa/MasterCard.

We have created this currency which will launch soon and also study many areas of work to facilitate the user to trade and buy electronic products through our currency in our Electronic online store, which will contain all and the most in demand Electronic products as well as the top Bitcoin Mining Hardwares

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Source code: github.com

Project details

Started 15 December 2018
2 months ago
Development statusWorking product
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromDecember 2018
Sold on presaleNo
TagsCommerce & Advertising (45)
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  • Token type
    Hardware walletNo
    Registered companyUnited Kingdom


    Total tokens25000000000
    Available for Token Sale17500000000
    ICO Token Price0.002 USD


    by @gbptoken 0 followers

    GBPT is now listed in EtherDelta Exchange. 🌙🌙🌙 Now you can buy GBPT tokens also on Etherdelta Exchange with the same current price 0.000017 ETH ($0.002) Link: https://t.co/pu9X8Slx4I Happy trading 🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/vMjApDctJv

    GBPT TOKEN SALE NEWSLETTER: Dear community. First of all we want to thank you all for your trust and help. We didn't expect or imagine that GBPT token sale will reach to this level of success and therefore... Continue reading: https://t.co/o40Nfp4Unm

    "Only 13 Days Left" We want to remind you that it's only less than 2 weeks left for GBPT Token sale second round ends. You are able to pay with BTC, ETH or PayPal. "Exchange Listing" HitBTC & Coinexchange on April https://t.co/CnX1lnmktn

    GBPT token sale referral program is open to anyone who participates in our ICO token sale. Referral Bonuses (ETH): 20%: 15/12/2018 - 15/01/2019 10%: 16/01/2019 - 15/02/2019 05%: 16/02/2019 - 15/03/2019 Join now: https://t.co/FJJW2TgUZf


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