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A decentralized protocol for the freight industry.

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Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale40%
ICO Token Price1 FR8 = 0.15ย USD


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Hello Fr8ers. Fr8 Network is shutting down and I wanted to say thank you for following our project as we pursued our dreams of making the global supply chain more transparent and effective. For more information please refer to our blog post. https://t.co/IBvsefPnHs

๐Ÿšš Fr8 Network has updated our Carrier Search App to require FR8 Token for full access. Sign in and deposit at least 1000 FR8 token to your MetaMask account to view the detailed Carrier page which includes Insurance, Contact, and Violation History data!๐Ÿš› https://t.co/lHN2LNqZuI

The moving and relocation space is making big moves this year. Fr8 Network is proud to be a part of the change! https://t.co/XfznHmOIRr

The trend continues pushing for autonomous vehicles. Inevitably these trucks will need a platform to publish their availability and capacity. With no need for UI or phone calls, how will they get booked? https://t.co/1bKqI3Al45

Logistics is the life blood of commerce. Necessary in so many ways - growth continues as the world remains connected. https://t.co/korB4tzScU

Blockchain technologies have been demonstrated as a tool to reduce frictions in cross-border trade. Trump has been very active in his use of trade wars to achieve political objectives. Which of his recent antics have had the most impact on your business? https://t.co/rkEssIVm2vhttps://t.co/3wL4vkkNrc


The IBM/Maersk joint venture TradeLens got some essential new members. Neutrality is key, and open-source, not-for-profit data layers will become standard. What are your thoughts on the announcement? https://t.co/J6ke2z3eTt

LATOKEN is listing FR8! The trading pair of FR8/BTC will begin May 24 at 2:00 UTC. You can get in on the action by visiting https://t.co/3COuCimAfO. Thank you to our amazing community for helping us get to this major step. Stay tuned for more exciting developments ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

A few final details are being worked out before the launch of the BTC/FR8 trading pair on LATOKEN. Thank you for your patience! We will announce official date and time of listing as soon as we know, but expect more details in the next few hours.

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