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FOAM Protocol

16 500 000
(68 %)
End goal
24 000 000
Start date
31 Jul 2018
End date
10 Aug 2018

FOAM is building a Spatial Protocol for the Ethereum blockchain with Proof of Location.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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The first batch of custom components needed to build an off the shelf Zone Anchor for Trust Zone Beta participants are shipping out today📡 Learn more on how to join testing Proof of Location in the program below 🫧⛓️ https://t.co/lMadq4KPcWhttps://t.co/Nuim9EgC5B


Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the Trust Zone Program! Registration will be temporarily closing later today as we continue to process applicants. Next steps will be emailed out this week 📡🫧 https://t.co/Z2k1trNTHC

Registration for the FOAM Trust Zone Program is now open! Participants in the program can build radio networks in different geographical environments and test different zone configurations to contribute to building Proof of Location 🫧 https://t.co/lMadq4telo

GPS needs multiple backup alternatives, FOAM is one for Web3 "America’s economy depends on GPS... agricultural sector spends $1 billion a year on equipment with GPS" "Government concluded that multiple technologies should be used to complement GPS" https://t.co/fLmqJESR0x

It is an exciting year ahead for FOAM. 📡 Today we are excited to share updates and developments on Proof of Location and mark a new phase of the protocol with the upcoming launch of the Trust Zone beta testing program. https://t.co/YReqL9lgh7

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