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FOAM Protocol

16 500 000
(68 %)
End goal
24 000 000
Start date
31 Jul 2018
End date
10 Aug 2018

FOAM is building a Spatial Protocol for the Ethereum blockchain with Proof of Location.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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PSA: FOAM is migrating to @gnosisSafe 0x24D1aDb297f2cB3E8BF487Ac27CC5AeA5cE88d0B

The Foamspace team is excited for the Stargate Launch coming to the Cosmos Hub, a pivotal moment for the blockchain ecosystem that enables the FOAM Proof of Location radio protocol to be fully realized with global scalability through local consensus. ⚛️⭐️ https://t.co/RjHAZAcG39

Weekend Reading: GPS Jamming & Spoofing, 2020 Year in Review 🛰️🚫📍#PoL "The events of 2020 show that satellite-based PNT is becoming ever more central to our lives – and consequently that countering the many threats to GNSS has never been more critical" https://t.co/zwBDr2EDEe

Introducing FOAM Lite a On-the-ground Ethereum transaction relay network for IoT sensors and devices. Build your own and contribute critical infrastructure to Ethereum by leveraging powerful smart contract applications and flexible token fees. 🛠️⛓️📡 https://t.co/rFDo9qb4rM

“(1) GPS signals, not the satellites, most in need of protection, and (2) providing a terrestrial alternate/backup capability will do more than any other measure to protect GPS signals” FOAM Location provides this and also connects Web3 smart contracts to the real world 🌎 https://t.co/dep2j9wR9z

Great thread and breakdown article by @masonnystrom to check out on FOAM Proof of Location services, FOAM Map and the path to a world where smart contracts interact with the physical world 📡⛓️🗺️📍 https://t.co/iKQXN6bwyY

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