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Start date
23 Sep 2020
End date
29 Sep 2020

An Interoperable Full-Stack DeFi Protocol on Neo

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeNEP-5
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens250000000



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Update regarding PolyNetwork attack: Cross-chain functions have been temporarily paused due to the attack. All Flamingo user assets are safe! More information will be provided as it becomes available. https://t.co/i9Ojjsh24C

🤝 We’d like to collaborate thoroughly with any independent team candidate to ensure a successful handover. As one of the candidates, @mymingofinance team is showing some really promising progress. Check out their product if you haven’t! https://t.co/nj5epl7TD3

🏆 Prizes time 🏆 The Leaderboard for the 2nd Perp Trading Competition is now verified according to the rules specified earlier. Check it out on the Perp site! The team will be distributing corresponding prizes within a few days. Thank you everyone for the participation!

As the 2nd Perp Trade Competition concluded successfully, we’d like to thank for everyone’s support and participation. It’s been a fun ride while the system was under significant tests during extreme market conditions. The team will now verify all valid winners, stay tuned!

✌️24 hrs to go till we conclude the 2nd #Perp Trading Competition, what’s your ranking on the leaderboard? ⚠️ All participants, please be sure to close all your positions and withdraw all margins to the registered address.⚠️ The final results will be announced afterwards. https://t.co/deoRA5ExKj

Thank you all the enthusiasm towards the 2nd Perp Trading Competition. The application is now closed. The team is sending $PMU2 (the testing token) to all valid addresses. Get ready for the game!

The 2nd Perp Trading Competition is coming! 🙋‍♂️ Everyone is welcomed to join our Discord group and apply before May 10th, 2021 08:00 UTC. 📅 Competition will run from May 12th, 2021 08:00 UTC — May 26th, 2021 08:00 UTC. 👇 Find out more: https://t.co/0rKtkjGXkC

As per FIP #3 , the halving of $FLM release rate is now completed.

Here is an invitation from our friends at @O3_Labs ! Join our AMA tomorrow on Flamingo Discord to find out how will the new initiative #O3Swap benefit the Flamingo community and how could you participate in its launch activities.✌️ See you all soon. https://t.co/2cOYqsRY9k

FIP #3 is now officially passed! The new distribution schedule is also live for all pools in Vault, including the new cGAS/nNEO pool. Halving of $FLM release rate will kick in a week later. Thank you again for all the support. https://t.co/DyOrmXheap

4/4 👉 All material changes, including FLM distribution adjustments and independent team fund allocation will only be implemented after the vote ends successfully. FLM release halving will start from 22nd April as planned. https://t.co/v7qH1WQadC

3/4 👉 You may now trade or provide liquidity to the cGAS/nNEO pair but the rewards will only start after the vote ends successfully. https://t.co/yTmVApLGIr

2/4 👉 We have just launched the cGAS/nNEO trading pair in advance to prepare for pool liquidity and giving community plenty of time to create the FLP. https://t.co/OvL5Jcs6Gu

FIP #3 status Update: 1/4 👉 Thank you for the active participation, we are getting very close to pass FIP #3 , while the vote for FIP #3 is still on going as the ending block height has not been reached.


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