41 300 000
(40 %)
End goal
102 000 000
Start date
15 Nov 2017
End date
31 Dec 2017
Up to 25% (Image)

Finom is a blockchain company formed as a result of merger of cryptotrading app Tabtrader, mining pool Nanopool, cryptocurrency exchange Cryptonit, brokerage app and mining farm Cryptal. We plan to create a blockchain ecosystem with single point of entry and AI assistant. Any user, regardless of his/ her experience, can manage digital currency and assets conveniently and easily. All users will be able to access all our services via single account. We also work on creating new products: miner, cloud mining, banking services.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist
Min/Max Personal Cap2 USD / No
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens425000000
Available for Token Sale45%
ICO Token Price1 FIN = 2.00 USD


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Armageddon, Cancer and Aliens: How Miners Can Save the Day. Nanopool founder Alexander Barkovsky tells about 7 ways to help humanity: #Mining #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Technology #GridComputing #CitizenScience #GreenEnergy #Consumption

It’s 2 AM. Rick opens his laptop and starts tapping on the keyboard like a madman. Beads of sweat rolling down his face and dripping all over the panel. What is he doing? Does he crave to steal all Bitcoins that Roger Ver has? Or… 12 hours later… $BCH

‼️FinCloud Becomes Packaged‼️ Finom's cloud mining service FinCloud now offers tariff packages: Basic, Advanced and PRO. They allow users to pay less for the purchase of hashrate. Learn more about these packages:

Have you heard about #FinMiner yet? No? You're missing a lot! The fastest #Ethereum #mining on #Linux, is also good for #Windows. A friendly reminder that FinMiner has high operational stability, simple file configuration, Ethash & CryptoNight(V7) support.

Meet @nanopool_org review on #FinMiner. The fastest ever #Ethereum #mining on #Linux, also is good for Windows. Take your #Nvidia and go on! FinMiner is: ✅high operational stability ✅simple file configuration ✅Ethash & CryptoNight(V7) support ✅25 cryptocurrencies in total


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