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990 000
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Start date
19 Sep 2020
End date
21 Sep 2020

Earn interest and access instant loans through DeFiner’s non-custodial platform. Truly peer-to-peer. Secure. No middlemen.

Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens42000000
Available for Token Sale1%
ICO Token Price1 FIN = 0.6 USD




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Use Case NO.8️⃣: Initial Loan Offering(ILO) Instead of raising money from the token sale with high pressure and high expectations, projects can simply raise funds through debt in the HODLer Market. 🆙more retail investors 🛠️Build the community at an early stage https://t.co/tDe4VVKIb6


🍲Fresh out of the oven🍰 Our Monthly Newsletter is out now! Here's what you might have missed from last month: ⚙️HODLer Market Beta Testing 🛣️HODLer Market Use Cases 🤝New Partnerships 💎Treasure Hunting Program https://t.co/x2yrosbKiv

Use Case NO.7️⃣: Leveraged Long Position ➕ Token traders can utilize the HODLer market to add leverage to tokens after TGE. Simply deposit the token ➡️ borrow stablecoin➡️buy more tokens➡️deposit back to the HODLer Market and repeat 🔄 Liquidity ⤴ Collateral Factor ⤴ Leverage https://t.co/An7vcVozRi


Use Case NO.6️⃣: #Airdrop with the HODLer Market 🪂 💪#HODLerMarket enables effective customer acquisition and increases airdrop ROI! 🥳 ✔️Option 1: Direct airdrop with a lock-up period 🔒 The projects can utilize the lock-up function and directly airdrop https://t.co/rn5aj0o5Ov


Use Case NO.5️⃣: Salary Issuing ✔️ More options for the project and the team! 💁 🏗️Projects can define a lock-up period when issuing tokens as a salary. 👨‍💻Team members can easily borrow against their locked position 🔗 HODL, Borrow and Grow📈📈📈 #DeFi #Crypto #HODL https://t.co/oRnM0c68my


Use Case NO.4️⃣: Unleash the Value of Unvested Tokens🙌 HODLer Market can provide investors with the flexibility to trade, transfer and borrow against their unvested tokens! 💸 #DeFi #Crypto #HODLerMarket #HODL https://t.co/m5oDLPFX2r


🌅DeFiner Weekly: 9 Ways the HODLer Market Will Change DeFi Lending🌅 Highlights of the week: 🛣️ HODLer Market Use Cases 🤝DeFiner x ZenFarm Partnership 🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner 💼We're Hiring! What's your favorite HODLer Market Use Case? 💭 https://t.co/YeJzA5YTMQ

Use Case NO. 3⃣: Auto Vesting ✔️ Creators can use the HODLer Market as a vesting tool right after #TGE.😄 Linear 👉 Tokenized position as base + native token as reward. Interval 👉 Native token as base + maturity date. ✨Flexible and transparent TGE. #DeFi #Crypto #HODL #News https://t.co/Dytd1cEi5p


DeFiner ❌ ZenFarm We are excited to announce our partnership with @ZenFarmOfficial , combining the power of #DeFi with the versatility of NFTs! 🙌 We'll move forward with zen-like focus. 🧘🎯 💡 HODLer Market incoming... #NFT #Binance #HODL #Crypto #CryptoNews #ZFT https://t.co/ecj0wx9Jir


Use Case NO.2️⃣ : LP Token Lock-Up ✔️ Major #DeFi problem in #LP mining programs 👉 Mercenary capital.💀 Miners go the next "big 💲💲 thing" when rewards dwindle or stop, leaving behind a dead community/token.🤔 Farm ▶️ #HODL ▶️ Earn ▶️ Grow with your #crypto community.🌳🦈 https://t.co/F6yZUaUpEC


✨What can you use the HODLer Market for?✨ The HODLer Market is more than just #DeFi lending and borrowing. 😉💎 👇Here's what the HODLer Market can do for you👇 https://t.co/TSljVHW7cK #Crypto #FinTech #DeFiLending #HODL #MondayMotivation

🙋DeFiner Weekly: Why Use DeFi Lending?🙋 ⚙️ HODLer Market Configuration 🟡 $FIN Tokenomics 🏦 Why are You into DeFi Lending? 🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner 💼We're Hiring! Why are you into DeFi lending?💭 https://t.co/JluBBmj7hX

Use Case NO.1️⃣ : Lock Your Token After TGE ✔️ When new tokens are created (TGE), they usually have a vesting period, which increases selling pressure. 😟 Lock-up function: Users HODL + grow together! 🌱 Market🔆➡️Promote. Market🌧️➡️Borrow. #DeFi #Crypto #HODLerMarket #HODL https://t.co/OTLj4e9tME


The FINconomy: Discover the ways of the $FIN token 💪 👊 🔗 Mining Rewards 🔗 Collateral Asset 🔗 POP Mining/Social Mining 🔗 Distributed Profits 🔗 Voting Rights The HODLer Market is getting closer! $FIN opens doors of possibilities! 😝 #Crypto #DeFi #Rewards https://t.co/bBDvPZOF9C


Configurable reward mechanism 👻 HODLer Market Creators can distribute tokens as mining rewards (any ERC-20 token applies)🟡 Let's HODL, earn, and promote our HODLer community! 🙌 We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the HODLer Market! 👐 #HODL #DeFi #Reward #Crypto

The HODLer Market has a built-in, configurable Smart Contract Factory. 💫 Customize your lending market: ✅ Maturity Date ✅Interest Model ✅Reward Tokens Stay tuned for more exciting #HODLerMarket updates to come! 💨 #Crypto #HODL #DeFi #Ethereum #FinTech #MondayMotivation

🖼️DeFiner Weekly: Exclusive HODLer NFTs🖼️ 🎮 DeFiner x Superpower Squad Collab 💎 Treasure Hunting Program 📍 Maximum Collateral Value Update 🔥Earn Crypto with DeFiner 💼We're Hiring! What GameFi projects would you like to see on DeFiner?💭 https://t.co/iGo9kLMntr


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