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25 Feb 2021
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25 Feb 2021

Fractal is an open source zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet.

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⚖️USA's #FTC chair: "Consumers deserve strong & enforceable privacy safeguards in the digital economy". We at @fractalprtcl provide infrastructure to let users earn money from their data, privacy-first. 👉Join our community reward program & win 10k FCL: https://t.co/mdX8LgubyX

⚖️"We want the internet to be open & free by allowing content creators to be paid fairly. With Fractal Protocol, any browser extension can set up a new revenue stream." Experience the web the Fractal way by testing #FractalWallet & win 10k FCL. 👉https://t.co/mdX8LgLMXx $FCL https://t.co/xxZUe7gouC

"We remove every gatekeeper except for the users themselves". That's what the Fractal Protocol is all about. Watch the whole video on Youtube to understand more about it and the impact it is going to have on the #dataeconomy of the future. #web3 $FCL

📢 With Fractal Testnet live and 10k users giving feedback to #FractalWallet, the Protocol takes big leaps towards our vision. To all the testers/wallet users: thank you! 🙌Without you, this would be impossible. 💸Good luck in the lottery round #4 . https://t.co/jwdwyQwOGx $FCL

🔖 Thanks to our community: #Testnet launch successfully delivered, now approaching #mainnet . As #FractalID and #FractalWallet are powered by the Protocol, we'll see strong synergies in the (decentralized) KYC identity space soon. 👉 Enjoy the read: https://t.co/Kmb0Tapw1P $FCL

1/ @Altcoinbuzzio is covering our #Testnet launch give-away program on their prominent blog: https://t.co/RsCIKzON8s 💸Don't miss out on your Fractal Protokol (Testnet) tokens by simply installing #FractalWallet and surfing the web. $FCL

On August 17th, 10k+ users made history by installing the 1st #dataownership empowering browser extension that runs on the Fractal Protocol. Each week 202 of our early adopters get rewarded with 10k $FCL. Follow this form to be one of them: https://t.co/1MSR0Qkb3X #web3

📢 Testnet Lottery round 2 closed with a bang. Thank you so much for your passion. We’ll reach out to 202 lucky winners of the 2nd Round by email shortly. 🚀 Round 3 starts today, pls find more info here: https://t.co/mlijx7uBp5 "How to" video here: $FCL https://t.co/1trv90iptr

1/ Ecosystem and community matters. #Web3 has always been about supporting great projects that create impact. 🔥That’s why we decided to add to the @composablefin Picasso and @KILT protocol #parachain auction with in total 1,500 KSM as a crowd loan. $FCL

#Fractal #JobOpenings We're a passionate team that moves fast & gets things done. If you’d love to contribute to building (web3) infra with us, pls have a look: 1. Fractal ID Engineering Lead https://t.co/IfJyVQ8DHZ 2. Rust and Blockchain Engineer https://t.co/svfj1sf17E $FCL

📢We’re blown away by the excitement and passion that you have shown! 🙏Thank you so much for your participation. We’ll reach out to the 21 lucky winners of the 1st Round by email today. Round 2 will start today, pls find more info here: https://t.co/mlijx7uBp5 #TeamFractal $FCL https://t.co/G7dk9s1j1v

What a blast!🚀 We at #TeamFractal all over the world really enjoyed our #Testnet launch last week. 📢Quick heads-up that until today midnight UTC you can still join the 1st round of the 100k FCL Give-Away Program, more info here 👉 https://t.co/mlijx7uBp5 Get on board 🚢 $FCL https://t.co/O6b2nNLbMc


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