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Evanesco is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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👀Looks like EVA team had 2 busy weeks, they launched the 🐦AVIS testnet second round plan and new functions of Fortress. 🗣️Also, really expect #Airdrops by Evanesco x @CoinMarketCap https://t.co/IZPi8HiD0b

#Evanesco's 'Uncollateralized Lending Mining' ⚙️will begin on Fortress from Sep 17🦎. The details of Lending and how to Lending through Fortress are in the following👇. https://t.co/5jS3ZTCspd

#Evanesco will launch 🦩AVIS testnet's second round of node mining.EVA team decided that the second round of testing would not set an upper limit🙀 on the number of mining nodes. The expected launching time is September 23. https://t.co/cBSj30n5uk

😭Missed the AMA with @dens_club , don't worried🥰. During the AMA, Justine talked about the 🐦AVIS testnet, 🗺️new roadmap, updated economic model, etc. Please check the details here👇. https://t.co/6d1MhWnilr

Since #EVA released the latest litepaper🔖, there are few updates for token allocation and roadmap🧗. Check👀 the latest news in the pic👇. https://t.co/A3rHrz6YEp

AVIS testnet was launched at 0:00 UTC on Sep 7. From Sep 4 to 7, nearly 3,000 nodes participated in advanced network, and 266 nodes successfully generated blocks. The 216,000 AVS will be distributed according to generating blocks by 266 nodes. The lists are in comment box below. https://t.co/NDkBSam3QU

EVA team announced an upgrade of the economic mode. After the mainnet launch, 80% of $EVA will be generated by node mining. EVA's governance structure will also be more decentralized. Please refer to https://t.co/uZ8iCoAh1whttps://t.co/D9pS445fpK

🐦Looks like the #EVA team had busy weeks those days🦎. #EVA released lots of updates on technology💻, activities🎉 and news🧗. Expected #EVA's report for the next two weeks👀. https://t.co/NTAo7g7TSI

Fortress Wallet💻 is here. First version🧗 of Fortress Wallet support creating, importing, AVS balance checking, and so on🚀. The wallet transfer🔀 function will be on the next version⚙️ of the Fortress wallet. https://t.co/ifz0AhLKos

✌️The American mining technology company #Gophers announced that they would join in 🐦AVIS testnet node test of the private financial protocol Evanesco. The test process only needs to stake 3000 AVS, and standard PCs💻 can provide online proof of computing power to gain reward. https://t.co/JuQf4cIRPb

August 28, the 500🔥 network nodes released by AVIS🐦 testnet pre-access period completed reserved by #Evanesco users within 8 hours🔥. 🤸Community members who reserved for pre-access will join in node mining🧗 after the official launch of AVIS testnet on September 7. https://t.co/U66UTo9W1U

🔥Do you wanna join us? Now is time🚀, Evanesco released Global Community Co-Builder Plan. If you wanna join us, please send your resume with your telegram contact information to our official email contact @evanesco .org. https://t.co/yOuMaTRzx9

⚠️The time is NOW! ! ! 🐦Avis testnet entrance is available now!💻 Swap function will be available at UTC 9:00 AM, 28th August. Swap EVA to AVS to reserve mining qualification. Only 500 nodes are available for pre-access period, first come, first served. Check the links below. https://t.co/fCxjBapViT

🐦AVIS is coming! ! ! Swap $EVA to $AVS to reserve ⛏️mining qualifications through 🐦AVIS testnet. Cannot wait for 🐦AVIS testnet entrance🔥. https://t.co/ltEl2LlzY4

🚀Evanesco testnet--AVIS🐦 is coming. The EVA team sets a 15-day pre-access plan🦎 with 500 nodes.Standard PCs can activate nodes💻. Click to see the details. https://t.co/bPiKc7zK6p


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