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A Highly Scalable Public Blockchain via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake.

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Token typeERC20
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With Entity, navigating the Elrond Ecosystem is much easier for both users and projects thanks to their powerful suite of tools that are intuitive and constantly adapted to the rapidly evolving blockchain space. Make sure to check their progress βš™οΈ

The @QoWattEcosystem has positioned itself to create a real bridge between real-world business & Web3 and this week marked the first fully operational charging terminals at Poitiers airport πŸ”‹

The first decentralized video streaming platform on the Elrond network is live on the devnet. Alpha testing is underway with Beta soon to follow.

The third Maiar Launchpad project is about to kickstart its next leap forward! 15,000 @CantinaRoyale Mystery Boxes will be one click away from morphing into a Genesis Space Ape. Tomorrow, 17:00 UTC.

Last week in $EGLD 🌏 1/ ❇️ @CantinaRoyale on Maiar DEX: trading, farming & staking live πŸ’‘ MEX 2.0 update by Beniamin πŸ–₯ Explorer upgrade: more metrics & transparency 🎭 NFT ecosystem map 🌐 Web tools update: NFT branding πŸ›  Weekly #elrondtech

From the cargo hold into the arena: load up on more Genesis Space Ape playable NFT characters via the @CantinaRoyale special IGO for Maiar Launchpad participants πŸ’― Starts today at 16:00 UTC & until July 23 16:00 UTC. Find out more πŸ‘‡

Creativity is instrumental for the proliferation of the cultural aspects that are inherent to Web3 digital assets. Learn how the @ElrondNetwork toolkit makes it easy for projects to engage their audiences with compelling visuals & useful meta data βš›οΈ


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