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A Highly Scalable Public Blockchain via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake.

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    by @elrondnetwork 0 followers

    Blockchain tech holds the key to greatly improving the data and value transfer that takes place between IoT devices, and @ElrondNetwork is the blockchain that has the throughput capacity needed to support the massive volume of interactions that takes place between IoT devices. https://t.co/Mj6b1o5vNH

    We tend to exaggerate the impact of technology on the short term, but massively underestimate its impact on the long term. It’s clear that blockchains are early today, but they will undoubtedly transform economies tomorrow. #distributed #economy https://t.co/0cR0u13JIT

    "...scalability and performance will be the key features for large scale clients. Elrond meets these demands with adaptive state sharding and Secure Proof of Stake (SPOS) consensus method." Read the full @endofthechain article here: https://t.co/mYcdHisaUw

    On the Elrond network, running a validator/observer node is possible on a consumer grade PC / laptop. Minimum specs are: Dual Core CPU 4GB RAM 200 GB HDD space Broadband Internet connection * Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems Stay tuned for next phase of development.

    Elrond partners up with @rv_inc - a R&D company specialized in Formal Methods. Together we aim to take smart contracts to the next level, and make the GO backend developed by Elrond for the K framework, open source and available to the wide public. https://t.co/gnHPtK6eY4

    The digital economy consists of two key parts: programmable money and unstoppable apps, @ElrondNetwork can do both because unlike previous blockchain iterations, it does not have to trade-off performance, for security and decentralization The future belongs to those who buidl it https://t.co/7akNGMVjMk

    We started developing our fully sharded architecture long before it was a “trend” - however we’re happy to lead the discussion on it today. Latest article on it here: https://t.co/lgSx66Rhun

    It's only the middle of the week and our technical team is advancing fast. We’ve successfully run a smart contract on our fully sharded architecture and our dev community is growing incredibly. Check out our public repository here: https://t.co/HFIGXPsis1

    Elrond's Adaptive State Sharding is definitely an innovation that can change how we use blockchain forever. IoT market, smart cities, global corporations or normal users now have a blockchain that can truly scale - this changes everything ⬇️ https://t.co/NUC2xf2qP2

    Did you miss this? Binance DEX Competition - $110.000 USD worth of ERD already delivered DON'T MISS the next one! Want to know something else? Community reward program is starting again. Next week: tech + new partnership + community surprise Details 👇 https://t.co/mW1AxrtGBO


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