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4 800 000

A Highly Scalable Public Blockchain via Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake.


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Token typeERC20
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The NY Consensus event is starting today and the ELROND team is already there. Feel free to contact us if you want to meet. Really busy week ahead and great news on the way :) #elrond #Consensus2019 https://t.co/Hj4UTCW2cL

Leaders of Europe are today visiting our little town, but soon enough Sibiu will also be known to the world as the birthplace of Elrond. Coincidence or not - we are in the spotlight 💡 #SibiuSummit #elrond https://t.co/8iLquioFzr

It is now clear that blockchain technology is gaining traction, and large companies are looking on how they can use blockchain innovation for their products. Today more than ever the world needs infrastructure that can handle the needs of the market: https://t.co/pSn9C82cgn

Meet the team: Cristi aka Corco is a hell of a developer with amazing coding skills and out of the box thinking. “Versatile” is another good word to define Corco. Every day we discover there isn’t much he didn’t experiment with in terms of programming languages. #elrond #team https://t.co/hUJqHkxwXf

Meet the #team - @SasuRobert , Core Developer with extensive coding experience gained in various international companies. He submitted over 20 patents for the automotive industry. He is passionate about extreme sports and that just shows he doesn’t do things with half measure. https://t.co/Wvkkuv41oj

2019 is the defining year of blockchain’s future and adoption. This year is about a combination of optimal infrastructure and user-friendliness. Soon the Elrond testnet will be out and all this will become clear. #build #elrond

🔥Everything changed for the internet with the transition from dialup to broadband. 🌎This is what we bring to the #blockchain space. Everything changes with a 1000x improvement scale, speed and cost⚡️ Watch @beniaminmincu 's interview with @Brad_Laurie

Celebrating Earth Day as a PoW evangelist is just wrong. Fortunately, as a startup who employs a PoS mechanism for our blockchain we don’t have this problem. Happy #EarthDay #SPoS > #PoW https://t.co/RTSIghuCtH


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