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Ether Force

End goal
500 000
Start date
15 Oct 2021
End date
15 Nov 2021

Ether Force is a earning platform for holders. It offers low transfer fees and fast transfer.


Project details

Started 15 October 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusAlpha version
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens150000000
Available for Token Sale2.000.000
ICO Token Price0.25$


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Ether Force Coin will be listed on the stock market at 0.75 cents after the pre-sale is over.

Ether Force tokens not sold in the pre-sale will be added to the stake reward.

9-We will make deals with various shopping sites. You will be able to shop at a discount with Ether coin. https://t.co/HTurn11z8H

7- We will make our solar powered Ether Case mining device and we will offer you the opportunity to mine solar energy in our blockchain infrastructure. 8- We will set up Ether ATMs in various countries of the world and you will be able to withdraw money with low commission.

4-We will offer the opportunity to stake with 20% profit per month. 5-We will create our own blockchain infrastructure. 6-We will establish our own decentralized exchange.

Features that make Ether Force Coin stand out. 💫 1- Low fee fees of 0.00066 BNB (fees may vary) 2-Low transfer fees of 0.00066 BNB (fees may vary) 3- With the 10% Reward feature, you can earn income without taking any action.

-- ROAD MAP -- 15.06.2023 • Setting up a blockchain network Integration of Ether Coin into blockchain 15.07.2023 •mining start

Ether Force Coin Airdrop has been distributed.


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