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End goal
16 000 000
Sales started
107 days ago01 Feb 2019
Sales ends in
11 days31 May 2019

East2 aims to disrupt and change the long-standing, airline frequent flyer loyalty model using blockchain and digital loyalty tokens (EDOS).

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Project details

Started 01 February 2019
4 months ago
Development statusJust an Idea
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromFebruary 2019
AcceptsUSD, ETH
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members18
Team fromHong Kong
Registered companyHong Kong


Total tokens4000000000
Available for Token Sale2400000000
ICO Token Price1 EDOS = 0.0000238 ETH


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Do you have a favourite travel destination? If so, we'd love to hear yours! 👇

✈️ 13 days to go! ✈️ A Travellers booking experience is often time-consuming and frustrating due to the increasing complexity of rules, conditions and blackout periods for loyalty redemptions. - https://t.co/UaRfPi2W2khttps://t.co/bsyXTYnxjl

✈️ 14 days to go! ✈️ Typically, airlines have the most touch-points and are at the core of a traveller’s journey. Flights are often the first bookings made, and serve as the framework for the rest of the traveller’s reservations - https://t.co/3lkvUpF5N4https://t.co/Xf56Vr1Q5a

✈️ 15 days to go! ✈️ The original purpose of Airline Loyalty Program has become diluted as airlines have had to prioritise profitability initiatives in an increasingly competitive market. - https://t.co/TNUlXdFaorhttps://t.co/pHqBp1IuCh

✈️ 16 days to go! ✈️ Airline loyalty programs, dating back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, were designed to offer high levels of recognition and reward travellers in return for their lasting loyalty. - https://t.co/0belCgi1FWhttps://t.co/UKpDYLMCVa

Do you have a favorite travel destination? If so, we'd love to hear yours! 👇


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