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Start date
01 Jun 2019
End date
01 Sep 2019

The anti-tribal, WASM smart-contract platform.

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Website: edgewa.re
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens5000000000
Available for Token Sale90%



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Looking for an easy way to upgrade your existing Edgeware node to v3.3.3 aka ERUP4/Wako release? The docker image by the core community dev Ramsey got you covered to save your compiling hustle! https://t.co/vbS0OahZko

Tune in tonight at 6pm EST for EDG council member Thom Ivy, discussing the Substrate ecosystem, and the EDG direction. https://t.co/f2JijU0XzT

'The Cutting Edge' weekly release got a technical cousin! Presenting 'EDG Dev Digest' for highlighting Edgeware Community's technical contributions and achieved milestones: https://t.co/vdejF8Fft9

Watch Richard Welsh @monsieurbulb , the ex-Edgeware Agency member & community contributor untangling the Edgeware and Kabocha's relation while spotlighting the gifting culture on ‘The Defiant’ @DefiantNews youtube channel:

The first DEX of Edgeware EVM ecosystem aka @PicoSwap is now live on Beresheet(testnet) EVM: https://t.co/wFcuS28oYD PicoSwap team aims to deploy it on Edgeware mainnet EVM along with several bridged tokens powered by @ChainSafeth bridge after the upcoming ERUP4/Wako upgrade.

Let's welcome Edgscan to the Edgeware Ecosystem, a @blockscoutcom forked EVM explorer hosted by the @PicoSwap team. https://t.co/UlHUlNw3aM Edgscan is currently supporting Beresheet(testnet) EVM while Edgeware mainnet EVM support will be enabled post-ERUP4/Wako upgrade.

Get to know about how Edgeware Treasury incubated project Commonwealth @hicommonwealth is now revolutionizing the decentralized governance across whole crypto space from no other than Dillon Chen @dillchen ! ‼️Warning: Edgeware's DAO-hub traits will also be flexed! https://t.co/IqPhqGWU6d

⚠️ We are now advising all nodes to upgrade to the latest release; stabilizing EVM further. Following a sufficient number of nodes, the onchain upgrade process will commence. https://t.co/1VtfOkf6Wk


Past Events

Date Event description
31 October 2020 11 months agoParachain Bonding
31 October 2020 11 months agoBridging to Ethereum
30 September 2020 12 months agoEdgeware on Kusama
31 August 2020 about 1 year agoNetwork Upgrade
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