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Start date
01 Jun 2019
End date
01 Sep 2019

The anti-tribal, WASM smart-contract platform.

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Website: edgewa.re
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens5000000000
Available for Token Sale90%



by @heyedgeware 0 followers

Curious to see what live contracts look like on Edgeware? On our testnet you can easily instance ERC20s, 721 - no more duplicating code on the chain: they're already on. https://t.co/QtA0l5mdQL

Edgeware citizens know this air isn’t thin- our brand working group contemplates the new Digital Open Society and we invite you to join the work. 🏞 https://t.co/y69YUsdT07

Understand EDG working groups and learn how to start your own - guilds, task forces, and other forms are possible. Collectives can also access treasury funding to achieve their goals! https://t.co/TpfP4Kuq91


Past Events

Date Event description
31 October 2020 25 days agoParachain Bonding
31 October 2020 25 days agoBridging to Ethereum
30 September 2020 about 1 month agoEdgeware on Kusama
31 August 2020 3 months agoNetwork Upgrade
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