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Important: New Sale Model - Edgeware Lockdrop; September 15th - Mainnet Launch;

Sales started
16 days ago01 Jun 2019
Sales ends in
75 days01 Sep 2019

The anti-tribal, WASM smart-contract platform.

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Website: edgewa.re
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens5000000000
Available for Token Sale90%



by @heyedgeware 0 followers

"本文是 Commonwealth labs 创始人 Dillon Chen 在 LongHash 和 HashBang 联合主办的 “波卡中国行上海站” 活动中的演讲内容,PolkaWorld 作为活动的独家合作社区整理和报道活动干货。" https://t.co/L2U2aVn8jPhttps://t.co/meSTXrYQcy

🆘 Beware of scams claiming to be lockdrop entryways or ICO scams using our name. The Edgeware launch is easily accessible through https://t.co/LsleqMwtT2. Contact us in our Discord (link in Twitter bio) to verify things if you’re unsure. ⚠️ https://t.co/o3CSNZZHOg

In all the excitement, we didn't miss the community growth - we're welcoming over 1000 new followers to the on-chain governance world on Twitter. ✌🏻 https://t.co/g42e6fy0z8

We'll be speaking at #Web3Summit at the end of August, stay tuned.

Chris added a really helpful intro section for less-technical folks looking to get into Planet Edgeware and involved with our nodes. Something really special about the first few OSS contributors! His changes: https://t.co/PaTgDJbXBchttps://t.co/02RtfsqsEG

Over 200k ETH as of today, and we're still in the first bonus tier of the Lockdrop with over two months to go. 🏇🏇🏇 https://t.co/RB6J8J6dJ3

A network with a broad and committed set of initial participants is a healthy network, especially in on-chain gov situations. 🍀 https://t.co/r7GHr9jB1S

Speak Russian and want to know a about the Lockdrop? One of our community members made a vid:


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