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Important: New Sale Model - Edgeware Lockdrop; September 15th - Mainnet Launch;

Sales started
81 days ago01 Jun 2019
Sales ends in
10 days01 Sep 2019

The anti-tribal, WASM smart-contract platform.

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      Website: edgewa.re
      Source code: github.com
      Discussion: t.me

      Project details

      Role of tokenUtility
      Token typeOwn wallet
      Hardware walletNo


      Total tokens5000000000
      Available for Token Sale90%



      by @heyedgeware 0 followers

      We’ve just updated the Node repo on GitHub- lockdrop participants who nominated themselves for validator status are encouraged to start nodes :) Need testnet edg? Visit our Discord, link in bio. https://t.co/IwabCoscnK

      After the signaling of the WithdrawDAO contract; we've got clarity on how the genesis will handle what followed. In short, only the 1st signal from any ETH account will be processed. Need to resignal? Use a new ETH account and your EDG keypair.⚠️ https://t.co/JuqMioqvpy

      September 1 is approaching, which means that some of you have Lockdrop User Contracts that will be unlocking. πŸ”“ Here is a short guide on retrieving your ETH using Metamask and a single transaction. https://t.co/DEqx7M3BTQhttps://t.co/3cpGUtMh1Q

      Wanna know a secret? Looking at @defipulse 's total ETH metric, half of ALL DeFi is locked up in Edgeware lockdrops. Congrats to all participants on that historic moment! We're looking forward to seeing you involved Sept 15. πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ† See the deets at https://t.co/2c5Y7BbOnlhttps://t.co/7h4oIaq0V1

      Wee-woo wee-woo 🚨 Lockdrop 14% bonus tier ends at 23:59 July 30, in roughly ten hours. 8% is up next; @DeanEigenmann now is your chance! I know you're thinking 'bout it..

      NodeEasy offers an estimate of the award per ETH locked/signaled by looking at the current participating ETH. These numbers may change, but give you a cool idea of the proportion of the issuance. Nice job! πŸ†’ https://t.co/rAAEHW3ZsZ

      Lockdroppers, this is your robot-captain speaking; we are currently flying at a participation bonus of 23%, descending to 14% tomorrow 00:00 UTC. The journey is about halfway over - we are on schedule for a Sept 15 network launch. Snacks will now be served. πŸš€

      At 963,949 ETH locked & one month left to go, lockdrop participants overwhelmingly prefer long-term commitment in the Edgeware experiment. Plus, https://t.co/2c5Y7BbOnl has a new reporting section for Generalized Locks. https://t.co/g988VpA8Xm

      For Edgeware Testnet Validators, a heads-up that Testnet v0.2.0 is defunct. Stay tuned for the new one to launch. πŸ“£

      Moments ago we published that we'd squashed a lil' bug in the original lockdrop MLC. No user funds were ever vulnerable, the bug was never exploited, and the fix is already deployed with no impact to participants. Go team! 🎳 https://t.co/q9aCOQbr8o


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