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Start date
06 Jun 2020
End date
30 Nov 2020

DEXFIN was created with the purpose of providing access to digital currencies as well as tokenised assets to people around the world in a secure and easy manner. Through utilizing Blockchain Technology, we plan to democratize and decentralize access to global digital wealth. Our platform, which enables both trading and investment, is the ideal solution for those interested in the crypto market.


Project details

Started 06 June 2020
over 2 years ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Active fromJune 2020
Role of tokenExchange
Token typeSecurity
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members15
Team fromCzech Republic


Total tokens1168000000
Available for Token Sale525600000
ICO Token Price0.068 EUR


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We've released a video about recurring purchases on our YouTube channel . But if you prefer to get information from the reading, we’ve written a Twitter thread if you are too lazy to watch a video. No shame here - you have a right to save your time. https://t.co/115qmCSELN

Look, who's back! Our DexTalks series is here! Check out YouTube channel (or watch it here) and learn how to set recurring purchase step by step on our Dexfin platform! #Bitcoin #ETH #crypto #Stocks #Cryptocurrency #NFT #NFTMarket #web3 #Metaverse #Dexfin https://t.co/C2yx0iISeA

#CryptoWinter is here but not for the first time!The market is developing and we all might just survive it in the end 🌎In the new #DexEducation video we'll explain Bearish and Bullish market patterns and why we should not panic just yet 📉📊 https://t.co/XFnFk19EJn


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