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End goal
400 000
Start date
28 Sep 2021
End date
11 Oct 2021

DXB is a fully decentralized P2P gaming & Betting platform with no off-chain data. All data will be stored on the Blockchain using the SOLANA ecosystem, chainlink oracles, and chainlink VFR. We are planning to share its profits among DXBs token holders by using the Defi protocol.

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Project details

Started 28 September 2021
2 months ago
Development statusJust an Idea
Hardware walletNo
Team fromRemote position


Total tokens350000
Available for Token Sale17.5%
ICO Token Price0.1$
Soft cap50000


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Just a quick reminder that our Solana Swap is live. If you are holding the original BEP20 BSC version of DXB, you may now swap them 1:1 to the new SPL version of DXB. Please click the link for instructions. Support offered on Telegram Chat. https://t.co/LqaTkI6qZw

The DXB swap to the Solana Blockchain is officially Live! Here is a direct link to the swap page (which can also be found on our website. https://t.co/LqaTkI6qZw Any questions or support please visit telegram chat

Some good news everyone has been waiting for. We will be initiating the swap to Solana blockchain this week. More details coming very soon.

DXB is close to breaking out to new price levels. Dont miss the opportunity to fill your bag "below pre-sale prices" https://t.co/yycysSQITY


Looking for a good hedge during this minor market correction? DefiXBet is one of the few tokens not effected and remains on an uptrend!! https://t.co/FomTa5Pd7I


We've got a nice little uptrend forming on DXB! Our contract issue was fixed and everything shows accurately now. The platform will be ready near the end of this month and we'll launch the swap about 5 days prior. Release date coming soon! Fill your bags while its still cheap :) https://t.co/Oj2j0Zrk9R


Please sub to our NEW youtube channel and turn on alerts. Also be sure to "LIKE๐Ÿ‘" our videos! Soon, we will be adding new tutorials, announcements, and related video content for DXB. We're Excited for the road ahead! Pick up some DXB today on pancake!!

We will be hosting a voice AMA to discuss our merge plans to Solana in 15 minutes on our Telegram Channel. https://t.co/pgVcnUY2Ue

We will have a Voice AMA to discuss the Solana swap Wed.Nov.10th @ 3pm UTC (10am EST). AMA will take place on our telegram chat. https://t.co/pgVcnUY2Ue

Wow!! DXB up 27% today ๐Ÿš€ It's getting real folks. Tomorrow we will begin swapping the (BEP20) DXB tokens to Solana blockchain and the highly anticipated DefiXBet platform will be ready to go live later this month!!

Nice looking DXB chart! beautiful rounded bottom... Volume increasing daily๐Ÿš€ Thank you everyone who has been holding tight through the consolidation period https://t.co/2zpWgbVFeO


This TUESDAY 11/9/21 @ 4pm UTC we will begin the Solana Swap. This is when you will swap out your BSC-based DXB tokens over to the Solana chain for SPL-based DXB tokens to prepare for the platform launch later this month. Any questions visit our TG chat https://t.co/pgVcnUY2Ue

Live DXB Voice AMA starting in less than 25 min on our telegram chat channel. (2am UTC) Please attend if you are available. ๐Ÿ˜https://t.co/pgVcnUY2Ue

DefiXBet Voice AMA in less than 3 hours on our telegram channel --- 2AM UTC--- Everyone Please attend if you're available ๐Ÿ˜

DefiXBet's primitive P2P games are getting developed, More information about DefiXBet's primitive P2P Games will be announced soon, stay tuned ๐Ÿช https://t.co/BaPGvdJK8U



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