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End goal
400 000
Start date
28 Sep 2021
End date
11 Oct 2021

DXB is a fully decentralized P2P gaming & Betting platform with no off-chain data. All data will be stored on the Blockchain using the SOLANA ecosystem, chainlink oracles, and chainlink VFR. We are planning to share its profits among DXBs token holders by using the Defi protocol.

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Project details

Started 28 September 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusJust an Idea
Hardware walletNo
Team fromRemote position


Total tokens350000
Available for Token Sale17.5%
ICO Token Price0.1$
Soft cap50000


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Less than 2.5 hours Remaining in the DefiXverse 48 hour presale special price of $0.0299. If you wish to participate, please DM https://t.co/nvGiw0hJkP

The DXV Seed Sale is beginning tomorrow Feb.12 @ 12am EST Special price first 48 hours. Please see the pinned message in the DXV Telegram for more details https://t.co/zp9O3OARYd

For everyone who is interested in the new DefiXverse (DXV) project, please join the new telegram chat. Only on this chat will you get the most recent updates in real time including release date, and presale info https://t.co/zp9O3OARYd

The long awaited DefiXBet platform will be launching on the testnet in 2 days. Also, There are 12 more days remaining to complete your swap from BSC tokens to Solana. If you need help swapping or have not received SPL DXB from a previous swap, contact us on Telegram chat.

If you need help swapping please speak with one of the official admins on the DefiXBet telegram chat.

Just a reminder that if you are still holding the BSC DXB tokens to swap to the Solana DXB before Dec.31. The price of the BSC token will eventually go to zero. The SPL version is now the DXB token to retain its value. https://t.co/smbD5iVvfz


Deadline to swap your BSC tokens to Solana is December 31. If you need assistance w/ your swap, please visit the official chat on Telegram and speak with an admin

The DefiXBet gaming platform will launch in Beta on December 21st!!!🚀🚀

We have updated CoinGecko to reflect the merge to Solana. https://t.co/jWrEWoV74i (CMC changes should be updated this week as well)

Reminder: DefiXBet has merged to Solana Blockchain. We are no longer trading on BSC/Pancake Swap. Instead you can purchase DXB from https://t.co/Zq7km78iwI The new casino platform will be ready to launch in apprx 2 weeks so pick up your DXB today while its still cheap!!

DXB is officially now trading on the Solana Blockchain. Please do not use Pancake swap anymore to purchase the BSC version. Also, be aware the price you are seeing on the BSC chain does not reflect the Solana price. It will be a few more days before CMC and CG update their page.

DXB has officially merged to the Solana Blockchain. Trading is now available on https://t.co/Zq7km78iwI Below is a video walkthrough explaining how to get started trading the new Solana DXB token

the Market ID for the new Solana DEX is ErcKrcgAV3Tb1qykg6BCUh8PUVkoQahtDkwyJic8jsMn You will add the market ID same way as you would enter the contract ID in Pancake Swap

Trading the Solana DXB is now officially Live on Raydium! For more information or help getting the DEX setup, please visit the Telegram Chat. We will be ending BSC trades on Pancake Swap effective immediately. Please only buy now from the Solana Chain.

Just a quick reminder that our Solana Swap is live. If you are holding the original BEP20 BSC version of DXB, you may now swap them 1:1 to the new SPL version of DXB. Please click the link for instructions. Support offered on Telegram Chat. https://t.co/LqaTkI6qZw

The DXB swap to the Solana Blockchain is officially Live! Here is a direct link to the swap page (which can also be found on our website. https://t.co/LqaTkI6qZw Any questions or support please visit telegram chat

Some good news everyone has been waiting for. We will be initiating the swap to Solana blockchain this week. More details coming very soon.


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