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Start date
14 Jul 2020
End date
27 Jul 2020

Desmos Network (“Desmos”) is a blockchain to fix the problems caused by the centralized social networks (“CSNs”) which include censorship and privacy breach. The end goal is to improve the well-being of billions of netizens. Desmos Token (“DSM”) is the native staking token on Desmos. Forbole Limited (“Company” or “Forbole”) is the initial contributor of Desmos.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Min/Max Personal Cap$1000 / $100000
Token typeCosmos Network
Hardware walletNo
Additional LinksDeck
Introduction Paper


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale10%
ICO Token Price1 DSM =




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[1/2] [Proposal #38 ] (Desmos v4.2.0 upgrade) for morpheus-apollo-2 has passed on July 28! The proposal aimed to upgrade the chain software with many new features, such as the support for EVM-specific chain link signatures and the expiration time to application links. https://t.co/m8pRdWn1D1


Reminder: beware of any request! The Desmos team will never reach you out first! If you need to contact us, use our official channels or our discord server 🙏 https://t.co/1fog7r02ue


What kind of platform would you like to see made on Desmos? Share your ideas replying this tweet 💭 Do you need more than 140 characters? Join our Discord channel 👇 https://t.co/WZgt17rLVx

A quick explanation to distinguish the difference between our products: 🟠Desmos Network: Desmos mainnet blockchain. 🟠Desmos Core: the set of modules that make it possible to develop things on Desmos Network. 🟠Desmos SDK: the set of tools that we provide developers with.

Desmos Network development updates: ✅ Released Desmos Documentation v4. ✅ Released Desmos Core v4: the complete set of our modules to build any kind of decentralized platform. ✅ Released Desmos Bindings v1: a new package to create a customized social media structure. https://t.co/DzDOvx1bsw


We are happy to announce that we’ve updated our Discord server section for developers. Are you a web3 enthusiast? Are you interested in decentralized social networks? Do you want to share your ideas and interact with other developers? Join us now at https://t.co/dSrPabgS7qhttps://t.co/Nq3spz9oHb


[1/3] We are proud to announce that Desmos Bindings v1.0.0. is out now at https://t.co/y94zCdOS3H 🥳 "Wait a moment, what is Desmos Bindings?"

[1/6] We've just released the new Desmos Core v4, and here is a quick overview of the features we are offering to build the next generation of decentralized social platforms. https://t.co/hEed2jwdqW


📢 Desmos documentation v4.1.0 is out now 📢 It includes every new module specifications, an introduction to start building dApps on Desmos, a complete GraphQL queries schema and many more useful informations. Check it now at: https://t.co/YZFM4sEaMA

🏛️ Governance Update 🏛️ [Proposal #15 ] Change of the inflation rate of DSM between 6% to 15% has passed ✅ More details here: https://t.co/h6ZzvzSAwv


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