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Start date
15 Oct 2017
End date
27 Oct 2017

Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi‑chain technology.

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    Conditions Whitelist , KYC
    Min/Max Personal CapNo / No
    Token typeERC20
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    Total tokens10000000
    Available for Token Sale50%



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    . @gavofyork presents Parathreads at #DOTCon0.5 Parathreads lower the barrier to entry for building on Polkadot by introducing a pay-as-you go model to interoperability.

    . @gavofyork on Kusama at #DOTCon0.5 @kusamanetwork is: • A dry run of Polkadot's mainnet • A developer network to prepare validators, parachains, & builders. • Long-term, a Polkadot "litecoin" testbed for new, risky protocols & runtime ideas.

    With Parathreads, Polkadot's connectivity and security are even more accessible to projects that may not have the capital to secure a dedicated parachain slot. Learn more: https://t.co/k8cbSSxtrr

    In Polkadot and @kusamanetwork , BABE assigns block production slots to validators according to stake, and using the randomness cycle with a round-robin fallback to ensure a constant block time. Learn more about randomness & verifiable delay functions: https://t.co/jNcrCicOGw

    Parathreads are a way for parachains to temporarily participate in Polkadot's security without needing to lease a parachain slot. Read more about parachains vs. parathreads, how they will operate, parathread economics, and parachain slot swaps: https://t.co/EZRiUt07yghttps://t.co/E5FzHuOYuT

    Consensus and Finality in Polkadot by @rphmeier at @web3summit . Polkadot employs a hybrid consensus algorithm. BABE provides block production and GRANDPA provides finality. In some sense, this gives Polkadot the best of both worlds in terms of fast blocks and fast finality. https://t.co/aEUOniChOw

    “Why do we believe in a multi-chain future? 1) Blockchains can help solve trust problems. 2) Specialization can help solve scalability. 3) Interoperability can help add real world value.” - @shawntabrizi from @ParityTech on #Substrate: One Year Later https://t.co/OSlPnAo6P7


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