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Important: The Polkadot token sale is a Spend-All Second-Price Dutch Auction. Token Issue - Q3 2019!

65 400 000
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Start date
15 Oct 2017
End date
27 Oct 2017

Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi‑chain technology.

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Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Min/Max Personal CapNo / No
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens10000000
Available for Token Sale50%



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"During our work on this #Zcash client at Parity, we've gained insight and expertise into what it takes to build a Zcash client, while laying the foundations for a future Polkadot bridge." @fredhrson https://t.co/gjlIgYsoYh

Announcing Polkadot's Ambassador program! Learn more about how you can get involved in the growing Polkadot community and build out the ecosystem with us together. https://t.co/RNR3Aej6xZ

Live now: Polkadot & #Substrate meetup in Ukraine with @NikolayVolf and @AlexSiman Tune in via livestream [in Russian]:

At #PolkadotNL, @web3jp gives an introduction to Polkadot. "Polkadot is an open-source platform without barriers to entry for flexible and autonomous economies acting within the Polkadot security umbrella."

At Polkadot Netherlands, @joepetrowski from @ParityTech gives an introduction to Substrate. "The whole point of #Substrate is that it takes care of everything, so you just have to focus on the state transition part."

Parachain slots: Polkadot's draft plan for an open and permissionless auction of parachain slots. Including: • Initial allocation • Steps to become a parachain • Future slot availability https://t.co/KCmLEQ9nHt

Interested in auditing Polkadot's Runtime? @web3foundation is looking for auditors to develop a threat model and identify any potential security vulnerabilities in Polkadot's Library and any of the Modules. Learn more, including how to apply: https://t.co/amO9Xtqwrr

Proof-of-Concept 4 is here and comes with new staking features that make running a validator on Polkadot much more secure and customizable. Learn more about PoC 4 and what's coming in PoC 5: https://t.co/Lf1eS94Ff7

In Shanghai @rzurrer presents the State of Web3 & Polkadot Network. Learn more about: • Pooled security • Paradigm shift from layering to application specific chains • Benefits of #Substrate • Polkadot's crypto governance model And so much more:

Founder of Polkadot, @gavofyork , presents "Governance: What, Why, and How" at @ParityTech 's #Sub0. Learn about what governance is exactly and governance in Polkadot.


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