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21 Mar 2021
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22 Mar 2021

Dora Factory describes itself as an “open-source, community-driven venture builder” which gives users the power to create and manage powerful decentralized venture organizations.


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Scaling quadratic governance systems is an important task for us. We achieve this goal by continuously improving our QV/QF protocols and adding critical components. The result is that over time we can make Dora Grants more robust.

Reward Pallet has been added to DORA KSM Parachain. Frontend can be accessed via the core pallet website: If you are a crowdloan contributor, you will be able to start claiming crowdloan DORA rewards once wallet is connected. Enjoy!

Core pallet has been added to Dora Factory KSM Parachain. It will be a gateway for parachain users to access key parachain pallets. Now you can view account assets (including cross-chain assets) and network stats. You can access the pallet here:

Not sure if you noticed - The Dora Factory Kusama parachain had its genesis earlier today and by now it has 200+ blocks validated by the @kusamanetwork Relaychain, excited! We will take a few days for stability test, then start deploying some initial pallets.

Our Kusama referenda is passed and now in dispatch queue. In ~7 days 13 hours it will be executed, and the Dora Factory KSM parachain will start to run. Big thanks to the Kusama community members who voted for our referenda. Let's expect for the genesis!

Announcing winners to the Dora Factory-KSM Parachain Meme Contest! Congratulations🚀 Thank you for all the wonderful submissions👏

🦜Dora Factory-KSM Parachain Meme Contest came to the end! Winner list will be announced in three days. Stay tuned! 🥁🥁🥁

Our proposal to update the runtime just got endorsed (Referenda 200) and is now being voted by the KSM community! This is a necessary step before we connect DORA-KSM parachain to the Kusama relaychain. To check out and vote for the referenda:

We have completed two rounds of Rococo test. The first round was testing the basic parachain functions. The second round was testing HRMP, which allows the relaychain and other parachains to use Dora Factory infra. Both tests were successful. Almost ready to go.

Eid Mubarak from Dora!


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