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DerivaDEX is a decentralized exchange for derivative contracts built on top of Ethereum. It’s a community-owned exchange with a (sane) liquidity-mining token model that puts control directly in the hands of users. Our native DerivaDEX token (DDX) allows users to participate in the governance and operations of the exchange.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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On DerivaDEX, the DerivaDAO determines product listings, leverage limits, and other exchange parameters: key elements of the risk and business models for exchanges. How will centralized exchanges compete?

The DerivaDAO sets maker/taker fees, determines which markets are listed, and sets other exchange and market parameters via "contract specifications". Traders=stakeholders. Learn more-->https://t.co/Rubl9fnbU6

Insurance funds are key to crypto derivatives products, and protect traders in volatile markets. Learn more about how they're financed (and who pays)-->https://t.co/BQ6DtZzHKy

What makes a DEX a DEX? 1. Self-custody 2. Decentralized matching. 3. governance. DerivaDEX will be launching with all 3. Get ready -- next trading competition coming soon: https://t.co/3K4VeQcEVy

Hey AMOEBA-Traders: check your email! Trading competition winners & prizes will be posted soon.

One week since the invite-only AMOEBA competition concluded. What's next? - Early access to the beta - Open testnet trading competition - API workshops Sign up to be notified! https://t.co/PSNFq0orBZ

AMOEBA has evolved! The competition has ended, but the growth of the DerivaDEX exchange is just beginning. Competition highlights, and what's coming up next https://t.co/3cuL1pLpCQ

Last day to trade on AMOEBA, DerivaDEX's invite-only trading competition. Traders: Hop in the discord to report issues, make suggestions, or just brag about your PnL. 📈📉

AMOEBA participants: Today's easter egg prize is for DOCUMENTATION feedback! Check your confirmation email for the links to docs (API and exchange docs).

AMOEBA is ⬆️! Today's theme: API trading. There are special prizes for users who successfully integrate and trade with the Trader API 💫today💫 https://t.co/yrcv1Vtz4y

Register by Monday 5pm EST! Are you a crypto intern? Just send a DM-- there are spaces (& a prize) for the next-gen of CT. https://t.co/mpvU1UntDO

Happy Friday! We're still registering a limited number of users for AMOEBA, kicking off next week. (PS-- even if you don't have a registration link, you'll be able to follow along with competition chatter in the Discord next week!) https://t.co/hUR0VAR4HG


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