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DAO Maker

7 500 000
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Start date
18 Jan 2021
End date
18 Jan 2021

The leader in blockchain SaaS solutions, token economics design, & community creation.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



by @thedaomaker 0 followers

Avalanche $AVAX ecosystem ignoring the market volatility w/ aggressive volume. The 1st DAO Pad Avalanche projects list soon: - @marnotaur : first liquidity margin solution on Avalanche - @NFTradeOfficial : largest NFT marketplace on Avalanche, with 38k tx in just 30 days https://t.co/cdgcfIVWiK

Bullish on Priority System and Multi-allocation!

SEED SHO: @DarkFrontiersGS "Dark Frontiers" is a DAO virtual world governed by the players. The goal is to bring quality blockchain gaming to mass adoption and introduce a unique approach of utilizing NFTs and yield farming Research Page: SOON Merit Round start 1st of October https://t.co/yhjOYcQQaY

Friendly reminder that all $DAO Stakers and LPs should leave the vaults as we change our SHO lottery system to on-chain data. We have set the burn fee to 0% 👉https://t.co/XmodCLCJ4P


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