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#Cybersecurity is becoming of concern as crypto-hacks become prevalent. Cypherium considers its security to be a priority, so a blockchain audit was conducted to find that there are no relevant security risks or vulnerabilities. Read the article below! https://t.co/BRnEj1yCzK

After the massive wave of #NFT adoption, what does the future of #DeFi look like with NFT's and soon-to-be deployed projects like #CBDCs? Cypherium's research team was featured in @Nasdaq 's latest editorial piece to break down this crucial topic. https://t.co/bBJx5IKOPb

During the inaugural @OMFIF DMI symposium, Sky attended private roundtable meeting by People's Bank of China. Watch video interview by China's biggest TV channel: https://t.co/E6Si2QsEy1

Will China's endorsement of digital currencies help promote the use of their own digital yuan? China's @SCMPNews magazine interviewed Sky Guo to get his stance on this disruptive topic #CBDC #DCIF $CPH #CPH https://t.co/PwCDZCDB2k

What #crypto look like when we have true cross-chain interoperability? How can our Digital Currency Interoperability Framework achieve this ambitious goal? Join #Cypherium ’s CEO, Sky Guo at 12:15PM(UK) on April 29th to learn more! https://t.co/YdZLTn9LC8

As #CBDC continue to become legitimized by central banks, maintaining decentralized architecture is the key to success. Find out what else is essential towards effective CBDC implementation in Sky Guo’s latest @Cointelegraph op-ed! https://t.co/F7y9DAPllk

Cypherium has opened up their main net for smart contract deployment, meaning out exchange partners are about to have some very exciting news regarding the #CPH token listing! Stay Tuned! $CPH #Cyphertroopers

Cypherium’s proprietary consensus mechanism has been pre-granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. We now have 5 patents detailing several key updates to our consensus protocol; upgrading to a HotStuff and PBFT permission-less architecture. https://t.co/SDFK6FmJUy

Thank you to @Nasdaq for featuring Cypherium's latest guest opinion piece on why the US economies borrowing sector is surging ahead of the economies anticipated recovery period. Did you find this article informative? Let us know by commenting below! https://t.co/2gYzzZSxk3

While digital assets continue to go mainstream, Cypherium continued to work with banks and regulators to help them understand this sector. It was a pleasure speaking during the @banquedefrance ’s seminar on CBDC technology! https://t.co/aEjBnK1s45

It was a honor to introduce Cypherium, and our blockchain solution to the Swiss National Bank. The entire @SNB_BNS_en understood our vision, technology, and roadmap. It is refreshing to see traditional stakeholders like banks and governments finally embrace #blockchain and #DLT!

Hi #CypherTroopers! Welcome to #TwitterTakeover where our community shares their opinions and makes our collective voice more decentralized! First up is #Cypherium's tech ambassador Evan, who wrote an article explaining the basics of the #CPH testnet. https://t.co/UJGFy9gDnt

“Welcome to #TwitterTakeover where we make our Twitter more decentralized! Up first is @dekm0101 A.K.A Evan Green, #Cypherium's tech ambassador. Evan has early access to the CPH test net and will be making educational tutorials & guides. What features do you want covered first?! https://t.co/n98pIDrgKI

A big thanks to @QE4Everyone for featuring #Cypherium CEO Sky Guo in their latest article breaking down China’s quest to launch the first government-backed digital currency. Make sure to read the entire piece below! https://t.co/JCuMXR3S5S

As corporations like @Tesla and @MicroStrategy disclose their #BTC investments, crypto is here to stay. The Bank of Korea published a book addressing what's needed for a smooth transition to crypto adoption. When will central banks issue #CBDC 's ? https://t.co/Kap1ccgRBg

After @Tesla reported 1.5 billion in #Bitcoin holdings today, there are rumors that @Apple might be the next shoe to drop. Which company will disclose their Bitcoin holdings next? Let us know what you think below!

Visa is preparing to handle crypto transactions, but there are existing solutions that handle transactions with more efficiency. Visa can handle 1700 TPS whereas #Cypherium can handle 10,000 TPS. Read the article below! https://t.co/1f4xGz2P3Nhttps://t.co/Gyz4CMtIoc

India, one of the worlds largest economies is exploring the need for a national #CBDC. What other countries would benefit from launching a CBDC? Let us know in the comments below! https://t.co/c0AwGh89oz

Is it fair for @robinhood to block investments from retail traders while institutions can trade freely? As the 'average joe' continues to be mistreated, the need for decentralized markets is more dire than ever! https://t.co/s2HiRQgEGE


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