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1/4 Since Cypherium is a general-purpose Layer 1 blockchain, the intended audience is quite diverse – any individual or institution wanting to use the Cypherium blockchain.

CPH is Cypherium's native utility token and can be used to send transactions or execute #SmartContracts CPH is intended to be used for creating and using decentralized applications and services, as facilitated through a decentralized platform.

1/2 Cypherium tokens (CPH) are utility tokens used to operate the Cypherium Network. It is with these tokens that users can pay for the resources required to execute contracts and record transactions.

Cypherium has patented all versions of HotStuff, including PoW, PoS and PoA. "Systems and Methods for Selecting and Utilizing a Committee of Validator Nodes"

The biggest use case for Public Blockchain is stablecoins #CBDC is stablecoin’s biggest fear

Cypherium achieves unprecedented scalability by electing the voting committee to separate Proof-of-Work from the transaction verification process, with bandwidth limited only by the capacity of the individual nodes and latency limited only by the propagation time of the network.

Meet Cypherium

For #CBDC #Interoperability: - A database is required - Multiple parties should have editing rights - These parties require a trustless collaboration - There should be no Central Authority This calls for the need of blockchain technology: #Cypherium

Cypherium's pliable, lightweight Virtual Machine is well-positioned to take on a significant portion of the legacy Software business. Cypherium contracts are written primarily in @java , with over 10 million Java developers and billions of users on @Android and desktop computers.

The Financial System is one of the industries that will be profoundly affected by blockchain. Trillions of dollars will be safer and more efficiently circulated by secure decentralized technologies.

Because Cypherium is a highly #scalable blockchain and highly versatile #SmartContract platform, it hardly has an upper limit to our target market. The two major industries that our network targets are: 1) the Financial systems and 2) Software industries

Liquidity is deemed the most important thing for cryptocurrencies. A #CBDC will have 1000x more liquidity than #DeFi and #NFT Cypherium's target is CBDC #Interoperability

As a Layer 1 Protocol, Cypherium's innovative architecture successfully addresses the chronic blockchain trilemma making unprecedented advancements in bringing the grand vision of the crypto space to everyday life.

Cypherium offers a thorough basis for developers to construct Revolutionary apps capable of Revolutionizing

The @BIS_org is looking into DeFi and CBDC is growing at accelerated speed #CBDC is the real #DeFi


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