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End goal
39 000 000
Start date
28 Jun 2021
End date
10 Aug 2021

Step One : 1 $ = 500.000 CYCE => 500.000 USDT
Step Two : 1,1 $ = 1.000.000 CYCE => 1.100.000 USDT
Step Three : 1,2 $ = 1.500.000 CYCE => 1.800.000 USDT
Step Four : 1,3 $ = 2.000.000 CYCE => 2.600.000 USDT
Step Five : 1,5 $ = 3.000.000 CYCE => 4.500.000 USDT
Step Six : 1,7 $ = 5.000.000 CYCE => 8.500.000 USDT
Step Seven => 2 $ = 10.000.000 CYCE => 20.000.000 USDT

Total = 13.000.000 CYCE => 39.000.000 USDT

The ICO will have 7 stages. The price will increase at each stage.
The ICO will be done through the exchanges we have agreed upon.
The agreed exchanges will be published on Twitter.
You can follow us on social media for developments.


Project details

Started 28 June 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJune 2021
Hardware walletNo
Number of Team Members20
Team fromTurkey
Registered companyTurkey


Total tokens13000000
Available for Token Sale13000000
ICO Token Price1 USD / 1,1 USD / 1,2 USD / 1,3 USD / 1,5 USD / 1,7 USD / 2 USD
Soft cap1 600 000 USD




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CYCE project started its physical investments. At the instigation of the President of Central Bank and with the support of the government, land allocation process in Bayburt is now completed. A charging station reactor factory will be established on this land https://t.co/CO1Acdt3NF


CYCE projesi, fiziki yatırımlarına başladı. Merkez Bankası başkanımızın tavsiyesi ve devlet desteğiyle, Bayburt’taki üretim tesisimiz için arsa tahsis süreci tamamlanmıştır. Bu alana, 300.000.000TL’lik bir yatırımla şarj istasyonu reaktörü üretim tesisi kurulacaktır. https://t.co/LjjH5aLuXW


A big day for CYCE. Stay Tuned!

António Guterres said, "The battle to keep the 1.5ºC-goal alive will be won or lost in this decade." With the decisions and commitments made on all platforms, it doesn’t seem quite possible to win. We can emerge victorious from this struggle by supporting renewables with #CYCE. https://t.co/46HBcsbCwu


In 2021, global natural gas consumption increased by 4.6%, contrary to the predicted decline. And this means that the greenhouse gas effect is also worsening. We still have a chance to stop #GlobalWarming. We can abandon fossil fuel economy with #CYCE. #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld https://t.co/slSgxVI5k6


Tidal power generation in the oceans reached 400 GWh in 2020, up more than 30% compared to 2019. This technology, which we overlook, should be used more in renewable energy production for zero emissions. #CYCE #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld https://t.co/3iQOEsAgsT


A survey conducted with the senior executives of 200 private companies participant of COP26 revealed that they find the climate crisis very worrying but will not invest in a solution. We can solve the #GlobalWarming problem with #CYCE, which supports renewable energy sources. https://t.co/WCaKQaVd3m


https://t.co/PeKkwjE1VR reported that in 2021, 401 natural disasters caused by #GlobalWarming led to an economic loss of 343 billion dollars. We can abandon fossil fuels producing climate change, and support renewable energy sources with #CYCE. #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld https://t.co/uFHA0T4hZ8


The world's largest EV manufacturer announced that they are planning to establish many new supercharging stations in many countries. Charging stations should become widespread for increasing EVs. So, where will the energy of these stations come from? #CYCE #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld https://t.co/Mnkj7Zuqic


Within the scope of Sustainable Finance, the EU is preparing to ease its restrictions by accepting natural gas as a transition fuel against nuclear energy in energy production. For zero emissions, fossil fuels must be abandoned entirely. #CYCE #CYCECoin #GlobalWarming https://t.co/v3K4DEqkOx


The past decade has been recorded as the period with the highest temperatures since the Industrial Revolution. In order to stop global warming, we must give up fossil fuel economy as soon as possible. #CYCE #CYCECoin #GlobalWarming https://t.co/xEyoumIX8P


According to UN findings, while there were 711 disasters on average each year due to atmospheric motions 50 years ago, the number of disasters in the last 10 years has exceeded 3,500. That means 10 disasters happen every day. Global warming is a global problem. #CYCE #CYCECoin https://t.co/G0ypvWog78


More than 1 million hectares of forests were destroyed in the fires that broke out in 2021 due to extreme heat. Forest fires not only cause the loss of biodiversity, but also increase global warming with the greenhouse gas emissions they create. #CYCE #CYCECoin #GlobalWarming https://t.co/0mBJ91odMm


China, the world’s biggest coal miner and consumer, hit a record high of output of 384.67 million tons, and shattered its November record of 370.84 million tons. World countries must prioritize renewables to stop climate crisis. #CYCE #CYCECoin #GlobalWarming #coal https://t.co/d5fHgjqWjW


Platform for Electromobility reported that, as a result of a research conducted with 14,000 people planning to buy a new vehicle, the majority would prefer electrical ones. Will the growing demand for electricity of new vehicles be met by using renewables? #CYCE #renewableenergy https://t.co/jndq498nkL


Glaciers melt at a great pace as a result of global warming and climate change arising out of using fossil fuels. Annihilation will become fact very rapidly unless we switch to renewable energies. We still stand a chance. We can save the world. #CYCE #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld https://t.co/MlRkGRcoen


In 2021, fossil-fueled energy sources increased carbon emissions all around the world by 8.3%. Global warming is a global problem. $CYCE is the only crypto project supporting renewables instead of fossil fuels in order to solve climate crisis. #CYCECoin #GlobalWarming https://t.co/JuWuWRXl1z


We are running out of time. It’s time to make a decision for the future of our world: Are we going to stand and watch our annihilation or take action to stop global warming? We can solve climate crisis with $CYCE. #CYCECoin #SaveTheWorld #GlobalWarming https://t.co/NBAhSK8byZ



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