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07 Apr 2021
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07 Apr 2021

CasperLabs is new decentralized blockchain with smart contracts

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn blockchain
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New community call format! Join us tomorrow! We'll be live on Discord every two weeks now to give the latest updates from Casper and hear from our great community! Reply with ?s below. Join our Discord server here to participate in the Community Call!👇 https://t.co/oL4mZDPT5Ohttps://t.co/FcNoxzZQkQ

The Friendly #Hackathon gives you a chance to create something new while familiarizing yourself with the #Casper ecosystem. The event runs from Sep 13 - Oct 11, 2021, and we'll be awarding $1,000 to the top 10 submissions! https://t.co/oGn1FiZSvO"

Achieving mass adoption requires making everyday interactions seamless and intuitive for consumers who don't know or care about #blockchain . #CasperLabs' partnership with #AWS is a massive step in the right direction. https://t.co/l32jP4edlI

Casper's Friendly Hackathon kicks off today! If you haven't already, be sure to sign up and start building: https://t.co/oGn1FiZSvO

#Casper's Friendly Hackathon begins on September 13th. #CasperLabs' dedicated a team of experienced #Web3 developers can assist you as you build on the Casper Network, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! https://t.co/oGn1FiZSvOhttps://t.co/CUWusOmtBH

#Casper's stable and predicable #gas pricing is a marked improvement over #Ethereum's. #CasperLabs' recent partnership with #AWS makes it easier than ever for #enterprises around the world to build better #DeFI products enabled by Casper's efficient, low-cost gas model. https://t.co/8uVOOIZd5m

On behalf of the whole #Casper team, thank you to everyone in our wonderful #community , the daily support we receive is always very humbling, we now celebrate 60,000 followers on Twitter, a huge milestone! thank you!! https://t.co/P1kvvp1XHP

This May, #DeFi's overall market cap hit an all-time high of $87B USD. This figure has cooled off a bit, but keep in mind that only $1.85B was locked in DeFi protocols last June. In other words, DeFi is here to stay, and the #Casper Network is poised to accelerate its growth. https://t.co/PCS44Xh6s5

The Friendly #Hackathon is currently co-sponsored by five organizations aside from the #Casper Association, including @TheArcadiaGroup and #Quantstamp. Get in on the action starting Sep 12, alongside Casper's community of builders: https://t.co/oGn1FiZSvO

Our partners at #Coin98 recently created this crisp one-pager, which provides a great snapshot of the Casper Network! https://t.co/MF4k91bA2b

DeFi is here to stay — and we’re only at the beginning. Catch the highlights from CasperLabs CTO Medha Parlikar’s AWS Roundtable Discussion on blockchain and DeFi here: https://t.co/nmdGOscHjV "

1/2: CasperLabs is excited to be a presenting partner of this year’s CV Summit Leadership Circles — a 3-day @CV_Labs event connecting corporations and key decision makers to discuss blockchain's role in reshaping the public and private sectors and improving our daily lives.

Join the CEO of #CasperLabs Mrinal Manohar for a community #AMA tomorrow at 12PM EST. Mrinal will answer questions live, however if you have a question ahead of time, please drop it in our AMA Google doc linked below Downwards arrow https://t.co/K4l685R2Pohttps://t.co/O9TdjhYjnM


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